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how to pack bras

I don’t know about you, but I love packing for a trip away. Planning my outfits requires thinking about where we’ll be, and that gets me extra excited about going before we’ve even left the house. Trying to whittle everything down so that it fits into my suitcase however – sometimes, I even travel just with hand-luggage – is a lot less fun.

It has at least taught me how to travel with a capsule lingerie wardrobe. And how to cram everything into the bag without my delicates getting damaged.

So if you’re jetting off somewhere with limited baggage space, here are my lingerie packing tips for you:

1.  Pack outerwear before underwear

You need to think about the clothes you’re taking first, so that you choose lingerie that works with them. If you just grab any old handful of sets from your lingerie drawer and throw them in, you may end up taking items that don’t get worn – and that’s a waste of space.

2.  Take 2 bottoms per bra

Of course, thongs and briefs should be washed after every wear. But did you know that it’s often fine to wear the same bra multiple times before washing it? The exception is if you’ve gotten sweaty – bear that in mind if your destination is ultra-hot! But otherwise, I would recommend packing 2 bottoms to wear with every bra, essentially cutting the number of bras you need to take with you in half.

3.  Bring a multiway bra

Here’s another way to minimize the number of bras in your suitcase. If your outfits call for a strapless bra, a racer-back bra, and a halter bra, don’t pack them all – just take one convertible style that can do all three!

4.  Consider packing lighter styles

Moulded and padded bras take up significantly more space than bralettes and wired-but-unlined bras. So consider perhaps forgoing the thicker cups altogether. It may even turn out when you’re there that thin or sheer fabric is preferable from a comfort standpoint, if you’re headed someplace hot.

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5.  Stack moulded bras together

Set on taking a few moulded bras along for the ride? Be sure to protect the cups so that they don’t get crushed, which can permanently deform them. The easiest way to do this is to simply stack them so that the cups from one lay inside the cups from another. Alternatively, use your hosiery or socks to stuff each cup.

6.  Wear the bulkiest set to travel in

Another tip for traveling with bulky lingerie is simply to wear it on the day of travel! And if your bra sets are all similarly-sized? Then I recommend to wear your favourite one – you know, just in case the word happens and your suitcase takes a trip to somewhere else.

7.  Take a 2-in-1 shampoo

No, I don’t mean 2-in-1 as in shampoo and conditioner. I mean shampoo and lingerie wash! You can buy travel-sized sachets of certain lingerie detergents, but in a pinch, you can also hand-wash lingerie with a mild and gentle shampoo. Baby shampoo is ideal. Instead of packing separate bottles of liquids, this lets you travel with just the one and use it to clean your hair and underwear.

8.  Protect lingerie with something thin

You can buy travel cases designed especially for packing bras, but they can add quite a bit of bulk themselves. If it’s just snagging delicate fabrics that you’re worried about, then a fabric bag or even a simple sheet of tissue paper will do the trick.

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Happy bra shopping!

Do you have any more tips or tricks for packing lingerie in a suitcase? I’d love to hear them – leave a note in the comments section below.

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