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Vacation season is near, and you and your lingerie will likely do some traveling. Every lingerie addict knows the hacks for strategically packing lingerie. But, it’s also important to protect your intimates during travel – from keeping lingerie safe to being prepared for accidents. So, we’ve compiled a list of lingerie travel accessories to help you do just that. (And, you’ll want these items whether you’re obsessed with lingerie or not!)

Here are five lingerie travel accessories every woman needs:

1.  Lingerie travel case

A lingerie travel case is the best lingerie travel accessory. Seriously – you need one if you don’t have one. Some are soft shelled cases designed to help keep your intimates organized and separated from other items in the luggage. Others are hard shell cases, which can stop your lingerie from being smashed. Hard shell cases are perfect for stacking bras or even swimsuits with molded cups. Get yourself a lingerie travel case, and you’ll never have to dig through your bag to find intimates again!

2.  Mesh lingerie bag

Mesh lingerie bags are multi-purposeful. You can use them to separate your intimates in your luggage. However, these bags are most often used to safely wash lingerie. The mesh material allows water to delicately cleanse the lingerie while protecting the lingerie from other items in the wash.

You’ll want a mesh lingerie bag if an extended vacation requires you to do laundry. You can even use the mesh bag to wash swimsuits, protecting them from non-delicate items.

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3.  Panty pouch

Panty pouches are helpful and take up minimal space in your suitcase. They’re smaller than other lingerie travel organizers, yet still get the job done (ie, omitting the need to dig through layers of clothes to find a pair of panties). A panty pouch is for you if you want to keep intimates together, yet don’t want to have a lingerie travel case taking up space.

4.  Lingerie wash

Pick up a few sachets of lingerie laundry detergent before heading out of town. You never know what accidents may happen on vacation. You could spill something on your intimates or swimsuit, or that yoga session on the beach could have your sports bra soaked in sweat. There’s no need to have to retire lingerie after it gets dirty on vacation. Having lingerie wash on hand allows you to easily – and safely – cleanse your lingerie in the sink of your hotel room. You can find lingerie wash at lingerie stores or launderettes.

5.  Stain remover

It’s not always necessary to wash your lingerie on vacation. Sometimes you just need to remove a little stain. (Anyone else ever spilled a drink on your shirt, only to have it seep through to your bra?) Letting a stain remain on your lingerie until you get back home isn’t a good idea. The longer the stain sets, the harder it is to remove. It’s even possible you won’t be able to remove it completely if it’s had plenty of time to set into the fabric. You’ll want to pick up a travel size stain remover for little incidents. Just make sure the product is safe to use on lingerie.

Your swimsuits, bras, panties and various pieces of lingerie don’t come cheap. And for good reason, too! These delicate items will last longer when well-made with quality materials. Don’t let vacation stop you from taking care of your lingerie. With a few accessories, you can keep your intimates safe and organized while traveling.

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