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professional bra fitting

The right bra can change the way your clothes fit, your posture, and even your attitude. It might sound silly, but wearing a bra that fits well is life-changing. Increased confidence, happiness, and comfort are common effects of wearing a bra in the correct size.

Unsurprisingly, the health benefits are numerous and include decreased stress, decreased breast tissue discomfort, and decreased back pain. This is why I firmly believe that all women, regardless of bra size, should make a bra fitting a priority.

What is a bra fitting?

By my own definition, a bra fitting occurs when an expert, otherwise known as a professional bra fitter, determines your bra size, solves your bra issues, and offers new bras based on the size, shape, depth, and placement of your breast tissue. Any woman can get a professional bra fitting and there are many retailers that offer complimentary bra fitting services.
You should consider a professional bra fitting if you’ve recently lost or gained weight, become pregnant, gave birth, or started nursing.
It’s a good idea to visit an expert if you feel any discomfort or pain while wearing your bras, if your bra size has changed, or if none of your bras currently fit. 
It’s also important to see a professional bra fitter if you’re experiencing any of the following with your current bras: breast tissue spilling out of the cups, cups gaping, wires popping out, breast tissue and underarm soreness while wearing the bra, straps falling off your shoulders, the bra riding up in the back, band feeling too tight or too loose, etc.
Bra fittings are especially important after a mastectomy, reconstructive breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery, or breast reduction surgery.  
Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any issues with your bras, it’s still a good idea to get a professional bra fitting every 6 months to one year. The average life span of a bra is 3-6 months, so realistically, you’ll likely need new every day bras around that time anyway!

From my own experience as a professional bra fitter, bra fitting is an extremely rewarding job and one that is treated with respect, care, and confidentiality. In fact, there are many wonderful lingerie boutiques with expert owners and employees that share the same passion and appreciation for lingerie and bra fitting. Most of their employees complete extensive training and certification programs before they can fit clients.

I encourage you to explore and support your local lingerie boutiques and retailers. They provide a unique and necessary experience that can’t be duplicated online or anywhere else. No online bra sizing calculator or how to measure guide will give you the same experience provided at a specialty boutique.

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Here are the top 3 reasons why you should visit a professional bra fitter: 

1.  Product knowledge

The best professional bra fitters are bra doctors and experts in their field. They can diagnose any current bra problems and introduce you to bras that will work for you. They can also save you time in the fitting room and their professionalism helps to make the fitting experience more comfortable.

2.  Experience

Bra fitting isn’t an exact science, so experience is invaluable. Many retailers offer extensive training programs for new fitters and take the bra fitting process very seriously. The best bra fitters are able to offer solutions to your everyday bra problems. For example, they can help with fixing straps that fall off the shoulders, bands that ride up in the back, and breast tissue spillage or gaping cups.

3.  Peace of mind

Professional fitters offer peace of mind when it comes to fit. They take the stress and uncertainty out of bra fitting. Bra fitters know their products inside and out. They also know that sizes can vary from brand to brand and style to style. Ultimately, their expertise can save you a lot of time and money. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of returning a bra you ordered online that doesn’t fit.

Most importantly, professional bra fitters are there to help you. They want you to be happy with your bra and comfortable with the fit and feel. They don’t want you to suffer from back pain and discomfort or struggle with a bra that isn’t right for you.

Many of the women who fit bras professionally have experienced the same bra issues that you might be currently experiencing. Their experience allows them to be sympathetic and understanding of your concerns. They’re also excellent problem solvers!

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why all women should get a professional bra fitting

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