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how to hand wash bras

A new bra feels like a luxury, so of course, you want to take care of it. Proper laundering plays a big role in maintaining the bra’s good quality. Washing it promptly also keeps it clean, ridding it of particles that could cause your skin to break out.

So, how many times per week should you wash the bra? There’s actually no magic weekly number. How often you wash your bra depends on a couple of things.

Factors that determine how often you wash your bra

There’s not one set number for how many times every woman should wash her bras each week. That number will vary woman to woman depending on her personal use of the bra. Here are two factors that determine how often you need to wash your bra:

How many times you’ve worn it

It’s essential that you are conscious of how many times you wear a bra between washes. Every time you wear a bra, sweat and body oils rub off onto it. These particles will start to show up on the bra visually, making it look dirty. But the real harm is what the sweat and oils do to the bra’s material. Over time, these elements will break down the bra’s fabrics and elasticity, prohibiting the bra from being in tip-top condition to provide full support and comfort.

Wearing a bra too many times between washes can also irritate your skin. The build-up of sweat and oils on the bra’s surface can chafe, break out or create a rash on your skin. So, it’s a good rule of thumb to wash your bras about every three wears.

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How dirty the bra is

There are times when you need to wash your bras more than every few wears. If your bra got really dirty during one wear, you won’t want to wear it again before washing it.

For example, wearing a bra to the office for a full day means you won’t get much sweat, if any, on the bra. However, wearing the bra while doing yard work would expose the bra to excess sweat and possibly some dirt. Essentially, your bra got dirtier in that one day of yard work than it would have during three days in the office. In this case, you’d want to wash the bra after doing the yard work, so it’s back to its original clean by your next wear.

It’s best to have three to four go-to bras for every day use. Having multiple bras in your rotation helps you not wear a bra out too quickly. It also allows you the convenience to promptly the bras and still have others to wear.

The best way to launder bras

Now you know how often you need to wash your bras, and I bet your next question is about how to wash them. It’s best to let your bras soak in delicate detergent in the sink. Don’t wring the water out of the bra – push the water out with your hand or absorb it with a towel. Then, allow the bra to air-dry on a flat surface.

Washing machines can be harsh on your bra. However, if you must use the machine, insert the bra into a lingerie mesh bag for protection during the cycle. Never use a dryer to dry your bras. The high heat is extremely damaging to your bra and will cause the bra to show early signs of wear and tear. And, you never want to hang your bra to dry because it can stretch the bra.

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Happy bra shopping!

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