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boudoir photo shoot ideas

A boudoir shoot is nothing short of a thrilling experience. Between working with a professional photographer, donning special lingerie you might not regularly wear, and seeing yourself in a new light in the finished photos, there’s so much to be excited about. However, stripping down to your underthings in front of a stranger can also obviously come with some serious nerves.

While it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous before your boudoir shoot, it’s also a good idea to try and minimize that uneasiness so that it doesn’t affect your performance in front of the camera.

Here are some of our top tips for calming those nerves so that you can have the most enjoyable, successful boudoir shoot possible:

Have an at-home fashion show

We definitely recommend trying on your boudoir ensembles before your shoot. You may even want to do this more than once! Giving your lingerie a “test run” will help you to feel more comfortable in it. This is an especially key step if you don’t tend to wear lingerie very often.

After donning each outfit you plan to bring, spend some time in the mirror — there’s nothing like seeing yourself in some luxe, lacy pieces for a quick confidence boost. Be sure to slip on some heels if you plan to wear any — that way, you can get used to walking and posing in them before the shoot. It’s also a great idea to do this a week or two before the shoot because you’ll be able to identify any potential fit issues ahead of time, and then either make alterations or substitute other outfits as needed.

Strike some poses

Without a doubt, one of the most nerve-wracking elements of a boudoir shoot for any woman is coming up with some poses. Don’t stress — most photographers will guide you through and make suggestions along the way. They know what poses are most flattering at particular angles, and how a certain look will photograph, so you can expect them to continually help you through by recommending small adjustments, such as a tilt of the chin, crossing the legs, or arching your back. Still, we advise trying out some poses at home to see what you like.

Every woman’s body is unique, and you might find that certain poses highlight your assets better than others. This is helpful because you can then communicate with your photographer on the day of the shoot about certain poses that you think line up with your desired look. You may even want to scope out other boudoir photography to get some inspiration where poses are concerned (Pinterest, boudoir photographers’ portfolios, and wedding blogs are a stellar place to start).

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Have a girls day or night

A little pampering may be just what you need to ease your pre-boudoir nerves. So why not plan a girls’ night in a night or two before the shoot? Your girlfriends are bound to amplify your confidence with their encouraging words, and a foot soak and face mask may very well help you to relax. Whether you choose to do some at-home pampering or hit up a professional spa, you can choose services that will also help you look — and feel — fabulous on the day of the shoot, like a mani/pedi or a facial.

Say some mantras

It’s amazing how powerful words can be. Come up with some mantras to say to yourself the night before and the day of the shoot (and perhaps even the whole week leading up to it). These confidence-boosting phrases can range from, “I am beautiful inside and out,” to “I love every part of myself.” The more you say your mantras, the more they’ll start to sink in. Try saying them in front of the mirror for the full effect.

Remind yourself why you’re doing this

There could be many reasons why you booked a boudoir session. Maybe you’re feeling better about your body than ever, or you want to celebrate a life milestone — like a major promotion or your 40th birthday. Maybe you’re doing a boudoir shoot to celebrate your impending marriage, and you plan to give the photos to your hubby-to-be as a wedding present. Regardless, reminding yourself of these reasons should help to ease your nerves. Most importantly, remind yourself that a boudoir shoot is supposed to be a fun experience that brings out the boldest, most powerful version of you.

There’s nothing sexier than confidence, and by easing your nerves before the session, you can ensure that you’ll look as fierce as possible in every shot. These strategies may help you to relax and furthermore, to enjoy the exciting ride that is a boudoir photo shoot.

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