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boudoir photo shoot

So, you’ve decided to do a boudoir shoot. Exciting! The first step in planning your shoot is finding a local boudoir photographer (and finding the right one).

Like wedding or lifestyle photographers, every boudoir photographer has a unique style to their photography. After all, that style is what makes their clients choose them. You can get a feel for each boudoir photographers’ style by looking at photos on their websites and social media accounts.

Asking boudoir photographer candidates questions helps you narrow your list. The answers you get will let you see how good of a deal you get with each photographer, as well as if their services will meet your needs.

Here are 12 questions to ask boudoir photographers:

1.  How many outfit changes will I get?

It’s important to know many outfit changes you get or the photographer suggests. This helps you plan your boudoir outfits strategically, but it also gives you an understanding of the variety of photos you’ll receive.

2.  How many hours of shooting are included in the price?

Every photographer bases their price on a variety of things – time, resources, etc. Ask the photographer how many hours of shooting are included for the price. You may find that two similarly priced photographers offer different time limits.

3.  Is hair and makeup included?

The photographer may have a glam team on-hand the day of the shoot, which will affect the price. She may also have hair and make-up affiliate partners you can use for a discount if you’re interested.

4.  Where do we shoot?

Does the photographer shoot in your home? Or, does she have a studio or hotel that she uses for boudoir shoots? Knowing where you’ll shoot helps you decide if the location aligns with your boudoir vision.

5.  How many edited photos will I get?

It’s unlikely the boudoir photographer will provide you edited copies of all the photos she took. Make sure you know how many edited photos are included in your price.

6.  Will I get a copy of all photos?

Ask if you’ll receive a disk, flash drive or web access to all the photos. Some photographers provide this in the price, while others don’t.

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7.  Do I need to bring my own props?

Props – like strands of pearls, flowers or champagne glasses – add pretty details to boudoir photos. Find out if the photographer provides any props or if you’ll need to bring them. (If the shoot is in-studio, she’ll likely have props.)

8.  When can I expect to see my photos?

Find out when you can expect to see your finished boudoir photos. This is especially helpful if you plan to use the photos as a gift.

9.  What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

The boudoir photographer will charge a down payment or sitting fee to hold your shoot date. Ask her policy on reschedules and cancellations. Do you get a refund if you cancel with enough notice? Can your sitting fee be applied to a later date?

10.  Can I send you my ideas beforehand?

I bet you’ve been Googling and Pinning boudoir photo ideas for weeks. Ask the photographer if she’d mind if you send her your ideas. Her answer to this question let’s you see how eager she is to incorporate your personal style and ideas.

11.  Are any prints included in the price?

If you plan to give an enlarged photo as a gift, it’s a good idea to ask if any prints are included in the price. Your photographer may even adjust her package to provide you a print. You never know until you ask!

12.  Will any other team members be present for the shoot?

Asking this question is a subtle way of finding out if only female team members will attend the shoot.

Finding the right boudoir photographer is essential in having a successful boudoir shoot. Asking these questions helps you find the best photographer for you, as well as gives you a glimpse of her customer service and personality.

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