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what is a boudoir shoot

To boudoir or not to boudoir? That is the question. You’ve been toying with the idea for some time, and for whatever reason, are having some doubts. And we’re here to tell you — with total confidence: yes, you should book that photo shoot. In fact, you’re bound to come out the other side with a slew of rewards for having taken the risk.

Still on the fence? Here are our top reasons why you should do a boudoir photo shoot.

It’s empowering

We all have insecurities. Those dissatisfactions can get the better of us when we unknowingly start to obsess over them. And a boudoir photo shoot can be just the thing to remind you: you are beautiful just as you are. That part of yourself that you wish was a little bit bigger, or smaller, or longer, or rounder — it fades away when you see how fabulous you really look and how unnoticeable that “imperfection” really is (a talented photographer and the right lighting will certainly help).

It’s a stellar gift for your S.O.… and yourself

Just take a moment and imagine the look on your S.O.’s face when they open a photo album to this sensual surprise: The woman they love in some luxe lingerie posing like a professional model. There’s hardly a more intimate gift to your husband-to-be, significant other, or spouse. After all, they already think you look gorgeous in a messy bun and sweats — so just imagine how much you’ll stun them in a wine red balconet bra with elegant floral lace. Even if you’re not planning this shoot as a gift, you owe it to yourself to play glamour girl for a day, getting pampered by a professional hair stylist and/or makeup artist and sporting some seductive underthings you may not normally slip on. Many of us women tend to put others first, and rarely do something for ourselves, “just because” — and a boudoir shoot offers the perfect opportunity to indulge.

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how to do a boudoir shoot

It’s an excuse to buy new lingerie

We all love a reason to go shopping, and a boudoir photo shoot presents precisely that. After all, you’ll want to seek out lingerie that’s tailored to your body, enhancing every curve and accentuating all the parts you love the most. Lingerie shopping is something that some of us feel guilty doing — as if it’s an unnecessary luxury. And booking a boudoir shoot gives you an excuse to take the time to hunt down those pieces that will really work for you. Besides, you’re bound to get a ton of use out of them well past the shoot, whether it’s on your honeymoon, anniversary, or even just a standard date night. Been eyeing a flirty white babydoll or fiery tango red lace underwire bra but wondering whether it’s a practical purchase? There’s no better reason to buy it than a boudoir shoot.

It can be a ton of fun

The right photographer will make you feel comfortable throughout the shoot — but moreover, will keep the mood light, offering words of encouragement and likely a few laughs. To boost the fun factor even further, make it a girls’ day. Invite a couple of your best gal pals along to sip some bubbly on set and cheer you on from the sidelines. You can even bring them along for your lingerie shopping ahead of the shoot to get their honest opinions on any purchases.

It’s a way to celebrate your brand of sexy

A boudoir photo shoot may give you a glimpse at a side of yourself that even you haven’t seen. We tend to be our own worst critics, focusing on the negative aspects we’d like to change rather than celebrating what makes us uniquely beautiful. So if anything, you should book a shoot for the sake of your own self-confidence.

The idea of stripping down to your unmentionables and posing for a photographer may be intimidating, and understandably so. But with a pro behind the camera and a little preparation, it’s totally possible for you to have an empowering — and downright enjoyable — experience.

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what is boudoir shoot

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