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lingerie for boudoir photo shoot

Once you’ve decided to do a boudoir photo shoot, there are lots of things to consider — from picking the photographer and the theme to your hair and makeup. But let’s be real: the best part about this process is choosing what you’re going to wear. Of course, you’re bound to go rifling through your collection to find some of your favorites. But you also may want to use this shoot as an excuse to buy some exciting new underthings.

Choosing lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot is crucial because the pieces you wear can totally transform the overall vibe of the photos. Naturally, you want to select garments that flatter your figure, photograph well and reflect your own sense of personal style.

Need a little inspiration? Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite lingerie outfit ideas for boudoir photo shoots.

Blushing bride

If you’re planning a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your husband-to-be, you might very well decide to stick to a bridal theme. And why shouldn’t you? Your wedding will no doubt be one of the most memorable days of your life, and these photos will give you both the chance to relive the memories.

Consider a blue bra and panty set or a white babydoll for a look that’s innocent yet still undeniably sexy. Stick to classic jewels like pearl stud earrings or a diamond necklace (and your ring, of course!) — and slip on a pair of nude patent or white pumps. If you plan to wear a veil on the big day, then consider donning that for the shoot as well to really seal in the blushing bride look. While holding a bouquet stretched out on a bed, or gazing seductively out the window, you’re bound to grab your groom’s attention.

boudoir photoshoot

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Retro romance

A super popular theme in boudoir photography is the retro look. There are many ways to achieve this with lingerie, but a great place to start is with a lace longline bra and a high-waisted panty.

Did we mention this is a fabulous selection for curvy ladies? Longline bras, as well as high-waisted panties, offer extra shaping around the midsection, accentuating your bust and hips while drawing attention to your small waist — thus celebrating that enviable hourglass shape you have. To kick things up a notch, slip on a garter belt and thigh highs, which will lend a pinup vibe to the whole ensemble. Of course, a touch of red lipstick, vintage-looking pumps, and big Hollywood curls or waves in your hair will complete the whole aesthetic.

Sporty chic

If you’re more of a casual, playful gal than an all-out glamorous seductress, then you may want to try an athletic look. You can easily achieve an ensemble that’s both sporty and sexy with a pair of cheeky boyshorts, knee-high socks, and sneakers. You might want to wear a shirt with your favorite sports team on it. Or, if this shoot is a present for your hubby-to-be, you can borrow one of his old jerseys. Not only does that personalize the look, but it also shows your his biggest fan. You can really have fun with props on this one, too — like popping on a baseball hat or holding a football, for example.

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boudoir photo shoot

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Something borrowed

There’s something inexplicably alluring about seeing your significant other wearing something of yours. So if you’re not feeling the traditional lingerie route, consider taking a peek into your partner’s closet. A button-down shirt may be the only garment you need for a super steamy shoot — you can leave a few buttons undone or leave it open, depending on the look you’re going for. A men’s tie also makes for a sultry addition to a boudoir shoot — you can leave it hanging loosely around your neck, tie your wrists to the bedpost with it, or use it as a blindfold, for example. Slip on a pair of sky-high heels and you’ve got a simplistic yet sexy wardrobe for your shoot.


Who says you have to wear anything at all? If you’re feeling brave, consider skipping the lingerie entirely and using this boudoir shoot as an opportunity to celebrate your body as is, with nothing adorning it. There are lots of creative ways to go this route tastefully, too, if you’re nervous about total nudity. For instance, you could try a shoot in the bathtub, with rose petals artfully concealing you a bit. Or, you could wrap yourself in a sheet, showing off your favorite parts of your body while still maintaining an element of tease.

boudoir photo shoot ideas

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Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to dress for a boudoir photoshoot — it all comes down to your comfort level and personal preferences. Whatever you’re wearing, the most important thing is that you feel 100 percent confident in it. After all, boudoir shoots are all about celebrating your own unique body, and your own brand of sexy.

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boudoir photo shoot tips

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Happy bra shopping!

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Romina Unlined Wire Bra P5522 | Romina Hipster P5525 in Quartz Pink
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