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how to store bras

You likely know that it’s super important to wash and dry your bras properly in order to ensure they last as long as possible. Did you know, though, that it’s also crucial to store them the right way? Confession time: During my college years, I was known to stuff my bras carelessly into my drawer. I didn’t even bother to fold or organize them — they were merely left in a haphazard heap. Not only did this make it quite challenging to find the one I was looking for, but it also took a serious toll on the quality of my bras as well. I eventually changed my ways, and spoiler alert: I don’t have to replace my bras nearly as quickly.

But let’s talk about molded bras. These bras require extra special care in regards to storage — and it’s not just about organization, either — the wrong methods could wreak major havoc on the cups, making them downright unflattering. So, how do you store molded bras?

In this guide, we’ll cover all the do’s and don’ts you need to know in order to preserve their shape.


Do stack your bras one behind the other

Not only will this stacking method make it so much easier to see all of them when you open your drawer (so you can choose whichever one suits your outfit and your mood), but it will also prevent the cups from getting dented or crushed. While you’re at it, you might want to organize those molded bras in a strategic way — by size and color, for example, or perhaps with those basic everyday ones you wear at the front of the drawer and others for special occasions in the back.

Do consider hanging them

If you happen to have enough room in your closet to hang your molded bras (lucky you!), that’s a stellar way to store them, especially if your drawer space is limited. Only go this route, however, if you have enough space that the cups won’t be crushed by other heavier garments (like coats). Keep in mind, though, that it’s best to hang them by the center gore rather than the straps because otherwise, the straps can start to stretch out over time. To save closet space, try a cascading hanger on which you can hang molded bras. Or, you can link certain hangers together to create your own DIY rack. Also, if your closet has a door, you can install a row of hooks to hang your molded bras on in order to save room for other garments.

Do use separators for extra organization

Particularly if you have a lot of molded bras, you may want to separate them to help keep them organized. As an added bonus, the separate compartments on bra storage organizers can often help your molded bras maintain their shape.

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how to store bras in drawer


Don’t overcrowd them

Whether you’re storing your molded bras in a drawer or your closet, be sure there’s plenty of room. If they are squashed together, you run the risk of the cups becoming dented or the underwire bent out of shape.

Don’t invert the cups

One of the most common — and most damaging — storage habits for molded bras is folding one cup into the other. Remember: molded bras are designed to sculpt your breasts, and given that shaping is one of their primary benefits, you definitely don’t want to potentially ruin their shape by inverting the cups. They were not mean to bend that way, and as a result, may end up misshapen or with unsightly creases. As previously mentioned, simply stacking them in a row standing up (with the straps facing upward) is the best way to go.

Don’t forget to hook the back closures

The last thing you want is a hook on one bra snagging the fabric on another stacked right behind it. So be sure to fasten all of the hook and eye closures on the back of your bras before storing them. This doesn’t just go for your drawer, either — if you store them in your closet, hooking those closures is key for preventing them from damaging any other garments hanging nearby.

Hand washing your bras and laying them flat to dry aren’t the only tactics you can try to keep your bras in tip-top shape — you should also be careful about how you store them. Keep these tips in mind to make sure all your beloved molded bras last as long as possible.

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how to store bras in closet

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Happy bra shopping!

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