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lingerie organization - 3 Clever Ways To Organize Lingerie

Organizing your lingerie does more than help you quickly find pieces you love. It makes finding your intimates a pleasure each day. It also preserves your lingerie. Strategically positioning your lingerie garments – instead of tossing them in a drawer – keeps them safe and allows each one to maintain its like-new quality.

For example, when storing your bras, the cups should face outward and the clasp should be fastened. If the bra cups aren’t facing outward, they won’t retain their shape. If you toss a bra in your drawer unclasped, the clasp can snag other intimates in your drawer, which could even damage the clasp itself. And, a full and unorganized lingerie drawer lets your garments get stuck between drawers, pulling and snagging the materials.

Lingerie organization is just as important as properly washing your lingerie to preserve your intimates.

Here are three clever ways to organize your lingerie:

1.  Hang your bras on fancy hangers.

how to organize lingerie

Give your lingerie a boutique-feel by hanging bras on fancy hangers. The daintiness of satin padded hangers will make you feel just as fancy when selecting lingerie for the day. And, these hangers come in a variety styles – solid colors and patterns – so it’s easy to find hangers that match your personality.

2.  Line your bras up in a drawer.

how to organize lingerie drawer

You know how you open a drawer in a lingerie store, and the bras are perfectly organized and color coordinated? You can replicate this at home! Lining your bras up in a drawer is a beautiful way to display (and organize) your bras. The bras should be fastened and positioned cup-to-cup. But, this is also a space-saving trick. You can fit lots of bras in one drawer or even make room for panties by organizing your bras this way.

3.  Hang your bras on decorative wall hooks.

best way to organize lingerie

Hanging your bras on decorative wall hooks is another excellent way to organize your lingerie. This may be the most effortless way to organize your bras because there’s no extra effort, like fastening, needed. (That’s because there aren’t other items for the clasps to snag.) You just slip the bra strap over a hook when you undress at the end of the day. And, with so many decorative options available, you can find something to match your personal style.

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Lingerie organization isn’t something you should sacrifice. A little time spent organizing can save you time when looking for your go-to items. Plus, it helps preserve your lingerie and makes selecting your intimates a little more fun. After all, part of the fun in shopping in a lingerie store is how beautifully all the garments are displayed. You can give yourself that same experience by taking time to organize your lingerie at home.

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