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how to dry bras

How you care for your bras has a major impact on their lifespan. Not only will they look better for longer if you wash, dry and store them properly, but they’ll also feel better, too. By now, you probably know that it’s advisable to hand wash your bras, though there are still ways to machine wash them safely. But once they’re clean, how should you dry them? Toss them in the dryer? Hang them up?

Fret not: We’ve covered everything you need to know about drying your bras in this helpful guide.

How not to dry your bras

While your instinct may be to wring out or squeeze your bras to eliminate excess water, resist the temptation. Doing this can leave the cups and band totally misshapen, and can even cause underwire to get distorted or worse, pop out. For the same reason, you should avoid extra spin cycles in the washing machine.

If you remember one thing from this guide, we hope it’s this: Never, ever put your bras in the dryer. (In fact, while we’re on the subject, never put any kind of lingerie in the dryer.) The level of heat in these machines is simply too much for your delicates to bear. As such, it can wreak a ton of havoc, breaking down the elasticity and causing other materials in your bra to contract. Not only will they look worn down, but they also won’t be able to provide as much support, as elasticity (specifically in the band) plays a key role in that.

We know what you’re thinking: But what about a low heat setting? It’s not worth the risk. While a machine is the fastest option for drying your bras, it can destroy them very quickly, negatively impacting their fit. Note: This is an important rule to keep in mind when it comes to sports bras, which rely on their elasticity for support. And support is particularly crucial during exercise — it plays a key role in minimizing movement, thus preventing discomfort or pain and protecting your Cooper’s ligaments (which stop your breasts from sagging).

Last but certainly not least: Don’t hang your bras on a hanger or clothesline. Why? Because gravity will pull on the material, stretching it out. Besides, clothespins will leave pesky indentation marks on your beloved bras.

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how to hang bras to dry

How to dry your bras

OK, now that we’ve covered all the ways you shouldn’t dry your bras, let’s go over the ways you should.

First off, the safest method for removing excess water without damaging your bras is to gently press them between two towels.

From there, you have two options: either laying them flat to dry or hanging them. If you go for the first option, lay them down on a towel to absorb moisture and make sure the cups are facing upward. If you choose to hang them, though, you’ll want to hang them over a drying rack or hanger by the center gore. That way, you avoid stretching out the straps, which causes them to slip off the shoulders more easily.

You wear your bras on a daily basis, so don’t you think they deserve some TLC? Washing them with care is important, of course, but drying them the right way is equally so. Follow the tips in this guide and you’re sure to keep your favorite bras in tip-top shape for much longer.

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how to dry sports bras

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Happy bra shopping!

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