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6 Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Bras Last Longer - 6 Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Bras Last Longer

Laundry is never truly “done”.

As soon as you’ve finished one load, you notice that pile of clothes hidden behind the door, or that outfit you threw on the bed and forgot to put in the hamper. And there’s always at least one pair of dirty socks knocking around.

Bras are their own special category of laundry. You don’t want to wash them too often, afraid that they will begin to fall apart, and you know you shouldn’t wear the same bra day in and day out. But bras do need to be washed every two to four wears. So how do you keep them in good condition with regular washing?

Here are six laundry tips to help your bras last longer:

1.  Wash on gentle.

Don’t, whatever you do, put your bras in on a regular cycle, as this will add to the wear and tear your bras experience in the wash. Always wash your bras on the gentle or delicates cycles, preferably with cold water (as hot water can break down the elastic in straps). Gentle cycles keep elastic intact, as well as protecting any lace, bedazzling, or fancy extras on your bra safe.

2.  Wash your bras in a mesh bag.

If you’ve never seen a laundry bag before, they are the small mesh bags, usually with a zipper, that you should be throwing your delicates (bras) into every time you wash them. They keep your bras from being battered by the other clothes in the wash, stop your bras from getting wrapped up and stretched out if they get caught on something, and also stop the hooks from snagging on other clothing. They really are the only way to wash your bras, and they don’t cost much either!

3.  Never ever put them in the dryer.

I’m guilty of doing this (sorry bras). The heat from the dryer can break down the elastic in the straps, and the rough and tumble nature of the dryer can ruin the shape of the cups and damage the underwire too (causing it to break out of the fabric, not good!) Bras are usually made of delicate fabric too, which can be damaged in the dryer.

Overall, it’s best to avoid the dryer altogether and either lay your bras flat to dry, or hang them. Cosmopolitan suggests hanging bras to dry by the center gore, not the straps, which will get stretched out because the wet cups will pull the garment downward. The more you know, right?

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4.  Use the right detergent.

Of course, you can take all the precautions possible for protecting your bras in the wash, but if you don’t use a good detergent, it’s all for nought. You need a detergent that will get the bras clean, without doing damage to the delicate fabrics you’ve paid so much money for. Look for something with “gentle” on the label, or skip the detergent aisle entirely and use a mild soap specially formulated to be gentle enough for babies and anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

5.  Hand wash your lingerie.

I can feel the guilt looks from here. Yes ladies, we’re all meant to be hand washing our bras. But that’s so time consuming, right? If you want to make your quality, expensive undergarments go the distance, it’s the best way to guarantee the long life of your bras. No rough treatment in the wash, just a dunk in the sink.

6.  Or don’t, and use this lingerie washing hack.

I too dislike the idea of hand washing my bras, so I looked for a way out. And I found this delightfully different way to wash your bras that doesn’t include the washer, but does let your bras go for a spin: using a salad spinner. It simulates the washer without all the potential damage. Definitely something to try next time you want to give your bras a wash, without the hassle of washing each one individually in the sink!

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Happy bra shopping!

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