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body positive

Body positivity isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a journey. You have to work at it every single day. That may sound difficult but breaking it down into small and simple habits could be the key to getting it right.

Here are seven small but significant body positive habits to start today: 

1.  Take your time getting dressed

How do you start each day? Most of us roll out of bed, make a cup of coffee, pull on some clothes, and rush out the door. It’s time to change things up! Leaving yourself a little more time each morning (by setting your alarm back 20 minutes!) could make all the difference. Taking a little extra time when you’re getting dressed is a positive habit to start. Choose some amazing lingerie and an outfit that makes you feel stunning. You deserve it.

2.  Give yourself a compliment

When was the last time you complimented yourself? Each morning, why not start the day by noting something nice about the way that you look or feel. It doesn’t make you vain to do this – it makes you confident. Think about one of the features that you adore about yourself. Then, take a minute to compliment yourself on it. It’s a small habit that could change the way you feel when you leave the house.

3.  Say this mantra to yourself

‘My body is not my identity!’ Your physical form is just one part of you and you have so much more to offer the world. Rather than getting hung up on the parts of your body that you call flaws (but we call individualities!), be proud of who you are. Repeat this mantra to yourself a few times and really believe the truth behind it. You are a whole person.

4.  Find workouts you enjoy

Are you exercising because you think you have to? Stop it! That’s not the reason you should be sitting on an exercise bike. There’s one major reason that you should lead an active lifestyle and that’s because it can be a whole load of fun. Whether you jog to work or try a dance class afterward, taking the time to move and express yourself with your body is a positive thing to do. Try it for yourself!

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5.  Be grateful for your body

If you’re in the habit of being overly critical about your body, it’s time to stop once and for all. You have to be absolutely grateful and thankful for your body. When you’re feeling a little down, take a moment to get yourself in check. Realize that your body is important and beautiful. Say thank you for it and, if it helps, try listing all of the reasons it is so very wonderful.

6.  Smile at yourself in the mirror

This next body positive habit may sound a little odd, but give it a chance. When you look in the mirror before you leave the house, give yourself a little smile. Doing so will change how you look and, believe it or not, how you feel too. Research suggests that smiling can help to lower your stress levels and improve your mood. Remembering to do this small, yet powerful thing each and every day could have some serious benefits!

7.  Get a proper night’s sleep

Sleep is the foundation of your life! When you fail to get the rest that you need, it shows in more ways than you realize. The fact of the matter is that you won’t function as well when you’re sleep deprived as you otherwise would. You might notice that you have dips in your mood, your confidence, and your ability to do things. All of the above is bad for your mental health. Getting into a great night routine is one of the greatest things you can do.

Do these body positive habits sound familiar to you? Do you already do some of them? If you’re looking for a way to improve your life and boost your happiness levels, you may just have found seven of them. Try these for yourself and see if they make a difference.

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