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how to be confident in lingerie

Loving how you look and feel in lingerie is the trick to loving your lingerie. But, lingerie shopping and even wearing beautiful lingerie can be a bit intimidating. Want to feel ultra-confident the next time you’re lingerie shopping or slipping into lingerie at home? Read on!

Here are five tips to make you feel super confident in lingerie:

1.  Get a bra fitting

Getting a bra fitting is the first and most essential step to feeling your best in lingerie. At a lingerie fitting, a professional bra fitter will measure your bust to determine the appropriate bra cup and band size for you. This is necessary information if you’re interested in lingerie that uses bra sizing. However, a lingerie fitting will also help the bra fitter determine which size is best for you if the lingerie comes in conventional sizing, like small, medium and large.

Being just one size off in your lingerie can make a big difference in how it fits you and how you feel in it. Always get a fitting when buying new lingerie, and you’ll feel like a queen in your lingerie.

2.  Choose lingerie you love

You’ll only be confident in lingerie you love. So, it’s important to pick out lingerie that you think accentuates your best features and makes you feel beautiful. If you’re shopping for new lingerie, take your time. Browse different lingerie styles after your fitting and try on a variety of options.

It’s okay if it’s a style of lingerie you’re always drawn to. (It’s better to be confident in something simple than insecure in something out of your comfort zone.) You can experiment with more lingerie styles as your comfort level increases.

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3.  Stop having negative thoughts about yourself

One negative thought about yourself will multiply. So, don’t think negatively about yourself in lingerie. Only have positive thoughts about yourself and your body. Think of why you like the lingerie and the way it flatters you. Let those positive aspects stay top of mind, overshadowing negativity.

Maybe your negative thoughts stem from being nervous about wearing your lingerie in front of your partner. I get it – being exposed can be nerve-wracking. But, your partner doesn’t see you in the same light as you see yourself. Your much harsher. I guarantee your partner’s not noticing any imperfections or flaws when you’re in lingerie. Instead, they’re thinking about how your beauty, confidence and femininity shine while wearing it. So, push any negative thoughts of your mind and only lift yourself up.

4.  Channel your sensuality

Lingerie isn’t meant to make you feel insecure. It’s meant to make you feel sultry and feminine. Allow yourself to feel those things and embrace them. It’s okay to love the way you look in your lingerie and to love how wearing it makes you feel. In fact, you should!

5.  Remember that all bodies are beautiful

The perfect body image doesn’t exist because it’s subjective. Everyone has a different opinion. Don’t get in your head about things you wish you could change. Embrace your body – imperfections and all (because everyone has them!) – and you’ll immediately feel more confident.

Boosting your confidence in your lingerie is all about having an uplifting mindset and finding lingerie that you love and fits well. When you choose lingerie that’s your size and makes you feel good, and you only allow yourself to feel beautiful, you’ll feel your best every time you wear it.

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Happy bra shopping!

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