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how to find a supportive sports bra

Finding a supportive sports bra is a priority for many women. The right sports bra can boost your comfort level while exercising – whether you have a big bust or do a lot of strenuous activities. But how do you find the best, supportive sports bra for your needs? Read on, girlfriend!

Keep your activity level in mind.

Support is essential in all fitness activities. However, your activity level will determine what type of sports bra you need. For example, you could wear a lightweight sports bra doing yoga or weight training than you could if you were doing zumba. This is because your body is not in motion while doing yoga or weight training. Keep your activity level in mind so a bra fitter can help you determine if a low-impact, medium-impact or high-impact sports bra is best.

Get a bra fitting.

Don’t think you can just wing it when it comes to finding a supportive sports bra. A bra fitting is just as important for finding the right size sports bra as it is for finding the right every day bra. Your bra fitter will be able to pair you with the perfect sports bra for your activity and support needs.

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Look for these design elements.

A supportive sports bra is not your typical compression sports bra. You’ll need to pay attention to certain design elements when looking for a supportive sports bra. The Active Sports Bra by Parfait, for example, is perfect for medium-impact sports. It’s designed with comfort and maximum support in mind.

Here are key features to look for in a supportive sports bra:

1.  Encapsulated cups

Encapsulated cups help provide additional support by simply separating your breasts. Consider how a compression sports bra pushes your breasts against you. The only thing keeping them in place is the tight fit of the sports bra. However, an encapsulation sports bra offers extra support because the cups act as a mold around your breasts. This keeps bouncing to a minimum.

2.  Underwire

Underwire offers extra support in any type of bra – including sports bras. The underwire lifts your bustline. Your boobs are lifted and contained, so it’s much easier for them to remain in place.

3.  A wide underband

A wide underband is another element to look for in a support sports bra. The wide underband helps the other design elements do their jobs. The underband helps the bra stay in place, which in turn helps the underwire or cups stay put, too. The band also acts as support to the underwire, giving you that supportive lift you need.

4.  A snug fit

A common question is if sports bras should fit tight. A sports bra should fit tighter than your day-to-day bra because this helps it provide support, but it shouldn’t feel so tight that it becomes uncomfortable or restricts movement. A sports bra that is even slightly too big cannot provide appropriate support. A snug-fitting sports bra allows you to get the most out of your workout without being hindered by your chest.

A good rule of thumb for determining if a sports bra is too tight or just right: If you can fit two fingers between your skin and the band, it’s a perfect fit.

5.  Moisture-wicking material

Okay – moisture-wicking material doesn’t do anything for support. But, it is tremendously helpful at absorbing sweat. And, you’ll likely be doing medium-impact activities if you’re looking for an ultra-supportive sports bra. So, you’ll want the moisture-wicking material to help you stay dry and comfortable during your workout.

The right sports bra is key to enjoying and getting the most out of your workout. There are certain elements of a sports bra that boost support. But, knowing these elements isn’t enough. You’ll need to keep your activity level in mind and get a bra fitting to ensure the bra provide maximum support.

Check out the Parfait Active Sports Bra Collection if you’re looking for a new sports bra. This line is designed to help you focus on your workout, not your bust.

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Happy bra shopping!

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