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boudoir photo shoot ideas

When it comes to planning a boudoir shoot, there are many things you have to decide on, including the photographer, outfits, hairstyle and makeup, and of course — the setting. While the setting isn’t always given as much consideration as — say, which bra and panties you’ll wear — it should be carefully selected. Where you shoot will not only have a major impact on the mood and vibe of your photos, but it also may impact how you feel during the experience.

From the furniture to the lighting, there are many aspects to weigh in choosing the perfect location for your boudoir shoot. Need some inspiration? Here are a few settings to consider.

Your bedroom

There are many benefits to shooting in your own home. For one, you’re bound to feel mega comfortable in this space, which could translate to confidence on camera. Also, the shoot will have an inherently personal touch. And to boot, you won’t have to worry about renting space, making it a cost-effective choice.

Of course, you’ll need to factor in the lighting in your home. If your bedroom doesn’t have very large windows, you may want to consider the living room or even a home office instead for an equally exciting shoot. A boudoir shoot presents the perfect excuse to go out and buy some new sheets, decorative pillows, or a luxe throw, too, to make the photos look fresh.

The studio

Without a doubt, one of the most popular settings for boudoir shoots is at the photographer’s studio. Here, the photographer will have the most control over the lighting, etc. meaning the conditions will be optimal for stunning shots. Some photographers may even have some amazing props stashed away, such as alternate bed headboards, throw pillows, mirrors, etc. so that you can customize the shoot for your desired aesthetic.

It’s always advisable to check out the studio in person before the shoot (or at the very least, scope some photos) so that you can decide if it suits your tastes. Ask the photographer whether the furniture and decor are adaptable — they’ll likely be amenable to you making the space your own.

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A hotel

More and more people are opting to shoot their boudoir session at a local hotel. After all, many hotels have luxurious decor and stunning views, and they offer a setting that’s a little more thrilling than your own home yet still comfortable. While booking sites will show photos of the rooms, it’s very important that you ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when you reserve your room. So don’t hesitate to call the hotel and ask about viewing a specific room, or at the very least, check out photos from real guests on TripAdvisor.

Keep in mind that shooting at a hotel may very well mean a higher cost. While some photographers build the cost into certain packages, many will expect you to cover the room charge. So if you do choose this location, you may want to make a night of it to get the most for your investment. Invite a couple girlfriends over after your shoot for some champagne and pampering, or spend the night with your significant other (after all, you’ll be all glammed up!).

A secluded place in nature

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a secluded pond, beach, or wooded area, why not take advantage of that for your boudoir shoot? Of course, this will require some extra considerations regarding the temps for the time of year you’re shooting. Also, you’ll need to be mindful of the fact that the weather will come into play — that means keeping an eye on the forecast and being flexible about rescheduling if need be.

That said, the images will no doubt benefit from the stunning scenery. After all, what could be a more awe-inspiring backdrop for your lingerie shoot than nature in all its glory? Plus, you’ll be dealing with natural light, which is always ideal. As an added bonus, you can be super creative with your ensembles when shooting outdoors to keep with a certain theme. For example, a beach boudoir shoot can be fun in regards to your wardrobe — a see-through beach cover-up and the right bathing suit for your body can go a long way. Besides, who needs a bed when you have the sand to stretch out on seductively?

There’s no right or wrong setting for a boudoir photo shoot — it’s all about selecting a place that’s right for your budget and personal tastes. Ultimately, the ideal location will give you peace of mind and confidence so that you can enjoy the experience and indulge in the sexiest side of you.

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