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boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir photo shoots are one of our favorite topics. Where else can you get super glam and wear your most decadent lingerie? You know, the kind that you’re reserving for a “special occasion” (though we’d argue that any day is a good day for fancy lingerie).

So whether you’re contemplating a future boudoir photo shoot or planning for one that is happening soon, here’s everything you’ll need to wear and bring (plus a few extras!)


Loose-fitting clothing

You don’t want anything that will leave a mark or impression on your skin.

Comfortable shoes

Just in case you can’t find parking near the studio

No makeup

Skip makeup if you’re doing your makeup yourself or your makeup artist is meeting you at the studio

Clear deodorant

So you don’t have any marks on your clothing that the photographer will have to re-touch

boudoir photos

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Pack everything you’re planning on wearing

Pack it all night before so you’re not rushed the morning of the photo shoot

Make-up, accessories, jewelry

This is the time to be extra glam!

Sentimental items

Your bridal veil and wedding jewelry for a wedding boudoir photo shoot, your partner’s team jersey, baby accessories or props if you’re doing a pregnancy boudoir photo shoot

A favorite pair of heels

The extra height is especially flattering for your legs and butt!

A robe

To keep you warm in between shots

A pre-made playlist

To keep you relaxed and motivated throughout the photo shoot

A trusted friend

To help you feel more comfortable and to help with unpacking, steaming, and styling. Don’t worry, you can return the favor when she has a boudoir photo shoot!

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 boudoir photos plus size

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Don’t forget

Your ID

Always important to travel with

Cash or quarters for parking

The photo studio may not have free parking

The final payment for your photoshoot

This one is self-explanatory!


They’ll add character to your photos

Inspiration photos

We suggest making a board on Pinterest or saving a bunch of photos with poses that you like so you can flip through them for inspiration between shots.

boudoir photo ideas

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Backup outfits, stockings, and tights

Things happen – stockings rips, clothes get stained with foundation or lipstick. It’s always best to bring more clothes than you think you’ll need.

A steamer

To take out any wrinkles or creases in your lingerie (you’d be surprised how wrinkled panties and babydolls can get!)

Water and a snack

So you’re not hungry during the photo shoot!

A comfortable change of clothes

To wear after!

Feeling more prepared for your boudoir photo shoot? Great! Boudoir photo shoots are a celebration of your beautiful self. They’re snapshots of a moment in your life that you’ll cherish and remember forever. We hope you have an amazing time at your photo shoot!

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boudoir photo poses

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Happy bra shopping!

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