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why are bralettes so popular

If one thing’s for sure in the world of lingerie trends, it’s this: the bralette is making a big splash, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There’s no doubt you’ve spotted these lightweight little undergarments everywhere from your local lingerie boutique to fashion magazines and your Instagram feed. Meanwhile, more and more brands are offering a variety of bralettes to meet various women’s needs and preferences. This all begs the question: Why are bralettes so popular all of a sudden? What benefits do they offer? Do they live up to the hype?

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about these trendy undergarments, and why they’re on the rise.

1.  They’re comfy

In an article covering the bralette trend, Slate described them as “the athleisure of unmentionables” — and with good reason: They’re super comfortable. Many bralettes are unlined and wire-free, making them a no-frills undergarment to toss on for lounging around your house, running errands, and more. This is a key reason why bralettes are very popular for women post-surgery, during pregnancy or nursing. And because they tend to be extremely lightweight, they’re obviously a popular choice during the sweltering summer months (no one likes boob sweat — and we mean no one).

2.  They’re minimalist

There’s something liberating about wearing a simple design. And moreover, the epitome of cool is not trying too hard. That’s another reason why the bralette has been making waves: It’s the denim cutoff or graphic hoodie of the lingerie world. In other words, the bralette has a chill aesthetic that many of us are often trying to achieve.

3.  They’re empowering

It’s also worth mentioning that the minimalism of a bralette has an inherent body-positive element. Since a bralette doesn’t really sculpt your breasts to achieve a particular shape, it allows you to flaunt your natural shape instead.

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what to wear with a bralette

Adriana Lace Bralette P5482 | Adriana Bikini P5483 in Black

4.  They’re stylish

With so many styles, cuts, and colors to choose from, any woman can find a bralette that suits her tastes and needs. While the traditional bralette has a triangle cup, you can now find such options as strapless bralettes, halter bralettes, racerback bralettes, and convertible bralettes. And whether you prefer neutral hues, bright colors, or fun patterns, bralettes are available in a range of shades and prints. Moreover, bralettes are known for having particularly eye-catching detailing. So if you’re looking for an ornate undergarment to spice up your lingerie collection, a bralette can be a stellar selection. Still, there are plenty of basic bralettes made with simple designs and fabrics that won’t show under your favorite tops and dresses.

5.  They’re designed to be shown off

The bralette is one unmentionable you don’t have to fret about showing. In fact, many bralettes are meant to be seen! That’s because these undergarments are often made with ornate detailing, such as decorative lace straps, embroidery, etc. As such, the bralette has an innate fashion-forward look that’s stunning peeking out of a tank with low armholes, an open-back sweater, or a sundress with a plunging neckline. You may even find yourself buying new clothes just so you can show off your bralettes!

6.  They can still offer support

One major misconception about bralettes is that they’re only for small-breasted ladies. Just to clear that up: There are plenty of bralettes that can work perfectly well for large busts. The key is to seek out bralettes with certain features that can provide extra support, lift, etc. For example, a bralette with supportive seamed cups has a bit more structure. For a flawless fit, look for a lace bralette with adjustable shoulder straps, and an adjustable hook-and-eye back closure.

Clearly, there are many reasons why more and more women have been adding bralettes to their lingerie drawers. In addition to being ultra comfy, versatile, and chic, they are also surprisingly versatile. So, ready to incorporate some bralettes into your collection? Then head to a department store or local lingerie boutique near you to see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.

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how to wear a bralette

Adriana Lace Bralette P5482 | Adriana Bikini P5483 in Sky Blue

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