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boudoir photo shoot

The day is fast approaching, and you’re feeling equally excited as you are nervous. And why shouldn’t you be? A boudoir shoot is a life-changing experience — one that has the potential to shift your self-image, boost your confidence, and give you some incredible memories to look back on, to boot. That said, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into this kind of shoot. Not only do you have to choose the right photographer and plot out every outfit you’ll wear, but you also have to figure out what kind of makeup and hair look you’ll be going for.

Once you’ve done all the initial legwork, you can kick back, relax, and start mentally preparing for your close-up. But not so fast — there are some essentials you’ll want to bring along with you.

Here’s what you should pack to ensure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible:

Beauty products

If you aren’t going to have a makeup artist and hair stylist on site, and you’re doing your own makeup/hair (or having someone off-site do it), it’s a really good idea to bring some products to the shoot in case you need some emergency touch-ups. For example, having lipstick to re-apply as needed is key. You also might want to bring along some eyelash glue if you’re planning on wearing falsies, just in case they start coming off and you need a little extra adhesive. Bring along a spray bottle of makeup setting spray, which you can quickly spritz to refresh your look and deflect any shine to ensure you have a matte finish on camera. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of hairspray, which you can use to fix any flyaways that appear during the shoot.

Backup outfits

If you plan on wearing stockings of any kind, always bring a backup pair. Hosiery can tear and snag so easily, and those little snafus can ruin a perfectly good photo. While we’re on the subject of backup stockings, it’s smart to have a couple extra outfits with you as well, just in case something gets stained with makeup or you decide it’s not the most flattering option after all.


Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how much work posing for the camera can be — and it’s super important to stay hydrated! By the end of my first boudoir shoot, I felt like I’d done a mildly strenuous strength training workout. So be sure to bring along a large bottle of water. It’s also a good idea to pack a snack in case you need a quick boost of energy — something that has a little protein but won’t weigh you down. For example, a bag of almonds or pistachios, a string cheese, or a granola bar are all phenomenal options.

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what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

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A robe

When you first start shooting, it’s not uncommon to feel a little bashful — I know I did. And I was so grateful that I brought along a simple silk robe because it allowed me to ease into the shoot. The photographer took a few test shots while I still had my robe on. As I got more comfortable, she instructed me to slip it off my shoulders, and then slide it down to my waist. Before long, I had dropped the robe to the floor, but I was surprised by how stunning the shots with my robe came out! Not only did it help me to get my bearings at the beginning of the shoot, but it also served as a seductive prop of sorts.


You’ll probably want to wear flats, slip-on sneakers or some other kind of comfy shoe on the way to the photographer’s studio (and on your way home after it’s over). But don’t forget to pack at least one pair of jaw-dropping heels to change into during the shoot. Wearing heels completely changes your posture, accentuating your calves and naturally pushing your derriere outward. Nude and black are definitely the most versatile colors in terms of matching with your outfits (and nude has the effect of visually elongating your legs), but if you’re wearing neutral lingerie, you can certainly have fun with a different color heel, like red, blush pink, or silver. In terms of heel height, my photographer recommended opting for a pair that’s at least 3 inches in order to achieve the most flattering look.


Don’t underestimate the power of some striking baubles. Even the simplest demi-cup bra and thong panty set in a solid color can look instantly more elegant with a killer pair of chandelier earrings, or a statement necklace. Pack a box with plenty of options so you can run them by the photographer and discuss which will look best on camera. And of course, jewelry isn’t the only accessory you can bring to your shoot. Consider bringing along some extra items from home — like your partner’s tie or your bridal veil — which can really add a personal touch to your photographs.

Packing the right things won’t only help you to feel more prepared the day of your boudoir shoot, it will also ensure you get the most beautiful possible shots. A boudoir photo shoot is a truly special experience, and by bringing along these items, you can have peace of mind that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying every minute of it.

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boudoir photo shoot ideas

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