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boudoir photo shoot

Once you’ve picked a photographer for your boudoir shoot, it’s time to get onto the really fun bit – planning your looks! Be sure to check how many outfit changes are included in the price, so you know how much lingerie to bring with you. But it’s not just bras and briefs that you need to think about.

Here are 4 more things you’ll probably want to take along to your boudoir photo shoot:

A cover-up

If this is the first time you’ll be being photographed in your smalls and you’re feeling a bit nervous, pairing your lingerie with something that offers a bit more coverage can help you feel less exposed. And if there are parts of your body you’re not keen on showing, draping a robe artfully around your body is a subtle and stylish way to cover them up.

It’s not just a confidence thing – long, swishy robes can add incredible dimension to your images, so you may want to wear one purely for aesthetics. Although robes are the most popular choice of cover up, they’re not your only option. Take into account the vibe you’re going for. Perhaps a chic sweater, button-through shirt or leather jacket could work instead?

Oh, and cover-ups are great for keeping warm between sets! You’ll be standing around semi-dressed for quite some time after all.


You may be the centrepiece of the images, but you won’t be the only thing in them. Consider the background carefully, because it has a big impact on the mood and ‘feel’ of the images. In fact, it’s often what takes a photo from ‘good’ to ‘amazing’.

Speak to your photographer to find out if they provide any props – if you’re shooting at their studio, chances are they’ll have something. Though you may still want to pack a few things for a personalised touch.

So what to take? Again, think of the style of image you want to create. Suitable props can include anything from flowers to books to a musical instrument! If you find posing awkward, it can be especially helpful to take something to hold or do with your hands. Food is one such idea – why not be photographed nibbling on strawberries or sipping champagne?

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A pair of heels

We’re so used to lingerie being ‘bedroom’ attire only, it’s easy to forget to pack some nice shoes. But they can look fantastic paired with your lingerie – even if you’re lounging on a bed where you wouldn’t normally have footwear on!

While not a boudoir shoot must-have, a pair of high heels can transform your posture, not to mention make your legs look incredible. Just be sure to give the soles a thorough clean beforehand and wear different shoes on your way to the shoot, since the undersides may be visible in the photos.

Jewellery and accessories

Finally, don’t forget the little adornments that really complete a look. If you’re going for glamour for example, a pair of sparkling drop earrings can make all the difference. Don’t neglect to think about how you’ll be wearing your hair too – do you want to take hairslides, or a pretty clip-in flower?

If it’s a sexy vibe you’re after, you can set the mood with a lace or satin blindfold. If you’re keeping things casual, how about fluffy socks and some headphones? Or if you’re boudoir shoot is bridal themed, perhaps you’ll want to be photographed in your veil or wedding garter.

If you’ve ever had a boudoir photo shoot, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you took with you besides lingerie!

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