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By now, you may be well aware that there are many different breast types. Some fuller on top or the bottom, and others full around. Some are set close together, and others are farther apart. Some are even different sizes or point outward or downward.

Did you know, though, that there are different butt shapes as well? And just as it’s important to know your breast shape to find the right bras for you, it’s equally valuable to know your butt shape for the same reason. Your butt shape depends on a multitude of factors, including where your butt is widest, which parts of your cheeks have the most fullness and even the structure of your hips. And once you’ve determined your bum shape, you’ll have a better sense of the ideal rise, leg opening, and coverage level for your needs.

Ready to find out which panty styles will flatter your figure? Read on to learn about the most common booty shapes — as well as which panties are perfectly suited to each.


Do you have fuller thighs and wider hips? Then you very well may have an A-shaped bum. New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman told Cosmopolitan that women who have pear-shaped bodies typically have A-shaped butts that get wider below the hip bones. Considering the fact that you have more shapely thighs, you may want to look for panty styles that have larger leg holes that are cut higher on the leg — for example, bikinis and other high-cut styles are ideal. Whichever style you choose it’s a good idea to opt for panties that have plenty of stretch, as these are less likely to cut into your full thighs.


If your bum is fullest and roundest at the top near the widest point of your hips, then you probably have a V-shaped booty. The base of your bum likely has less volume, thus resulting in an angular shape. If you’re looking to create the illusion of more fullness on the bottom, then styles like boyshortshipsters, and bikinis can help to even things out — as long as they don’t feature high cut leg holes (as these will only highlight the lack of volume near the base of your bum since they provide less coverage). which won’t provide quite enough coverage for your butt cheeks. Ideally, the leg opening will hit right underneath the crease of your cheeks. Note that some ruching on the backside of the panties can also add some volume to your bum, making it look more rounded.


Are your hips pretty much the same width as your waist? If you have an overall straight, athletic body type which little to no curves, then you may very well have a square-shaped bum. This booty shape is typically equally wide from top to bottom. So, if you’re seeking to make your butt look fuller all around, you might try a boyshort, or another high-rise cheeky bottom that doesn’t have a high cut leg, to create the appearance some curves. Note that high-cut panties are more likely to ride up on a square-shaped bum, so you may want to avoid them for comfort’s sake. Also, keep in mind that a printed or lace panty is more likely to make your bum look voluminous than a solid pair. 

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Parfait Panty So Glam Thong in Raspberry


If you have a round bum, you’re a lucky lady — not only is this one of the most sought-after shapes but basically, any panty style is flattering on you. The round booty is evenly full throughout, projecting outward from top to bottom (chalk it up to all those squats you’ve been doing, or perhaps it’s just genetics). Women with this type of butt tend to be much wider at the hips than at the waist, thus achieving an hourglass figure.

If you’re looking for ample coverage, keep in mind that a typical bikini likely won’t cut it. Thongs and tangas are perfect for showcasing that enviable bum, while boyshorts and briefs can help prevent a wedgie (either in the back or front) since your panties may have a tendency to shift backwards to accommodate all the volume you have in your derriere. Keep in mind that a typical bikini or full-coverage brief may cut into your full bum, and therefore may be a bit less flattering. If you do want to wear these styles (which you totally can!), then make sure you invest in a pair that fits flawlessly to avoid any bulges.


A bum that’s wider on the bottom, with full cheeks, and more narrow on the top, forms what looks like an upside-down heart shape. The name of the game with this bum shape is to look for panty cuts that visibly lift the booty since the fullness is all in the lower part of your backside. Bikinis and thongs may be your best bet for achieving a balanced appearance. Just make sure that the leg openings are not elasticized and are also large enough so they don’t bunch up around your hips or thighs. Ideally, they should hug the bottom of your butt cheeks for the most flattering look. Ruching on the back can help to draw the eye upward, thus making your derriere look more proportional.

Pro tips

If there’s one thing we want to emphasize, it’s this: All booty shapes are beautiful. And at the end of the day, the best panty style for you depends on your own personal preferences. While these suggestions may help guide you in finding panties that are flattering for your figure, only you can decide which ones make you feel comfy and confident. And ultimately, the fit matters far more than the style. A panty that fits your body flawlessly will never gape, sag, or create unsightly bulges or indentation marks. Remember: It’s not about covering up any so-called “flaws” — rather, it’s all about enhancing those enviable assets.

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Parfait Panty So Essential Hipster in Surf

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Parfait Panty So Essential Hipster in Surf
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