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different styles of panties

Not all panty styles are created equal. You likely already know this — which is why you have more than one type in your lingerie drawer. There are panties that are better suited to certain body types, occasions, and outfits. For example, the pair you wear when you’re simply lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday, the pair you put on when you’re seeking to make your SO’s jaw drop on date night, and the pair you rock when you’re sweating it out at a spin class.

Indeed, every panty style has different pros and cons. Knowing the benefits of each can help you to make smarter shopping choices, as well as help out to figure out which pair to wear with different ensembles.

Luckily, in this guide, we’ll break down the perks of each panty style.


bikini style panty

Parfait Panty So Essential Bikini in Surf

Without a doubt, one of the most popular panty styles is the bikini, and with good reason — it’s ultra comfy as well as versatile. The bikini features slender sides, with just the right amount of coverage — not as little as a thong or cheeky cut, yet not as much as a brief or boyshort. In other words, they provide the perfect compromise between these styles. The waistband is usually one to three inches below the navel, so not too low yet not too high, either. True to its name, the string bikini has an even skinnier waistband.

The bikini is a phenomenal everyday style and can work under just about any outfit, with the exception of a skin-tight skirt or bodycon dress (as it may cause a visible panty line). They’re an ideal pick for hitting the gym, as they’re less likely to lead to chafing or other discomforts during your sweat session.


boyshort style panties

Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra | Sandrine Boyshort in Wild Pink

Equal parts comfy and flirty, this style is often confused with the hipster. However, the boyshort has even lower leg holes, with some hitting a few inches down the thigh (hence the ”short” in the name). Basically, when you want a lot of coverage around your backside and thighs, this style is one of your best bets. They can also double as loungewear during the warmer months. The boyshort can also be a good choice when you’re seeking to avoid a visible panty line under jeans or a looser fitting dress.


hipster style panty

Parfait Panty So Glam Hipster in Raspberry

As the name suggests, the hipster panty sits low on the hips — typically a couple of inches below the natural waist. This style has wider sides and the leg holes are cut lower. You might think of the hipster as a fusion between the bikini and the boyshort. So, if you like the look of a bikini but want just a tad more coverage, then the hipster could be the perfect solution.

We love to wear these with low-rise jeans because you won’t have to worry about the waistband showing when you sit down. Keep in mind, too, that the amount of coverage on a hipster can vary somewhat, with some styles showing a little more skin than others.

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brief style panties

Charlotte Padded Bra | Charlotte High Waist Brief in Blossom Print

Is comfort your top priority? Then don’t overlook the brief, which offers full coverage and a higher waistband that sits on your natural waist. This may not be the best style for body-hugging clothes or low-rise jeans, but it’s definitely a phenomenal fit for those high-rise pants and skirts. And who says a brief can’t be attractive? In luxe fabrics like lace, this style can be downright sexy — not to mention super flattering.

If you’re looking the right pair to rock under high-waisted denim or trousers, consider a high-waist brief, which extends up to the navel or sometimes even higher. Or, if you find that the bands around the leg holes dig into your thighs or are otherwise uncomfortable, look for high-cut briefs, which are cut higher on the leg.


thong panty styles

Parfait Panty So Glam Thong in Raspberry

Every woman can benefit from having a thong (or three) in her collection. And gone are the days when thongs were synonymous with discomfort, too — in stretchy, seamless fabrics, they can feel like a second skin. Not to mention, since they have the least amount of coverage on your backside, they’re the best choice when you’re sporting a skin-tight bodycon dress or are otherwise concerned about having a VPL.

Similar to the bikini, the thong has a medium rise, typically two to three inches below the waist. The leg holes are cut relatively high, and the sides usually hit right around the hip bone.

Looking for even less coverage around the sides? Then opt for a G-string, which is cut just like a thong in the back, but with super skinny sides and merely a triangle-shaped piece of fabric in the front.

Obviously, every panty style has its own set of advantages. Now that you know the perks of each, picking out which pair you want to wear just got easier. In addition to considering comfort, you’ll also want to consider the level of coverage and type of rise you’ll need for the particular outfit you’re wearing. Fortunately, there’s a panty style for every mood, body type, and occasion.

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bikini style panties

Cora Unlined Longline Bra | Cora Bikini in Pale Blush

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Parfait Panty So Glam Thong in Raspberry
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