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best bra for bra shape

Have you ever suspected that certain bras simply flatter your breasts better than others? You’re not imagining things. Breasts come in a multitude of different shapes, and particular bra styles are well-suited to each due to their unique construction and features.

Read on for some guidance regarding the bra styles that bring out the best in your bust.


Because you have evenly distributed breast tissue from top to bottom, you’re fortunate in that you can wear literally any bra style you desire. In fact, you may find you prefer unlined styles, which simply show off your naturally rounded shape — try a lace bralette with wire-free cups for some moderate support. The only challenge with this shape can be finding adequate room at the top of the cups (to avoid the dreaded “quad boob” effect).


If your breasts differ in size (by nearly a cup size or more), seek out molded bras or contour bras — with extra lining or padding, these styles can easily conceal an otherwise noticeable difference in the size of your breasts while also offering shaping benefits.


As your chest contains more muscle than breast tissue and your boobs are wide set, the idea is to look for styles that have a low center gore, such as a demi-cup bra or plunge bra, as you don’t require as much coverage there. If you’re eager to enhance your curves, try a push-up bra, which lifts your breast tissue and concentrate it toward the center of your chest. Feel free to sport bralettes as well — whether they’re wire-free or not, they’ll work nicely for your frame.


Since your breasts are shallow all around (and may be drooping somewhat), your best bet is to seek out styles with lots of support. Therefore, push-up bras, balconette bras, and demi-cup bras are all excellent choices.

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Tear Drop

Just like with round breasts, almost any bra style can work for this shape. Still, as the tear drop shape is fuller on the bottom of the breasts, it’s a good idea to make sure the bra offers plenty of support and lift. If you have a larger bust, longline bras are a stellar choice in this regard (plus, as an extra perk, they can take some of the strain off your back and shoulders!).

Close Set

If there’s little space between your breasts, look for bra styles with a center gore that’s narrow — one that’s too wide will be uncomfortable for your close set boobs, and may even dig into them. For example, a plunge bra can be an excellent option. Styles with cups that offer enhanced separation are a good bet as well.

Wide Set

Since your breasts are set farther out on your chest, you have a larger gap in your cleavage. A balconette style boasts additional fabric above the cups that can help to conceal this extra space. Most importantly, though, you’ll want to find a bra that has ample coverage and sturdy construction on the sides (such as side boning or an inner sling) to keep your breasts secure and prevent them from becoming splayed too far outward by bringing the tissue toward the center of the cups.

Outward Facing

Since the nipples on your breasts point outwards, we advise focusing on bras that can gather the breast tissue toward the middle of your chest. For example, a push-up bra or even a molded bra with side panels can make your breasts appear more centered (while potentially enhancing your cleavage — bonus!).

Hopefully, you’ve now got a handle on what shape you are (if not, be sure to read our guide), as well as which underthings are going to accommodate your given shape. Indeed, your breasts deserve bras that are designed with your individual comfort and aesthetic desires in mind. And if you follow this guide, you’re bound to find a few bras that meet your unique needs.

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Happy bra shopping!

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