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close set breasts

There are lots of reasons that two 36Gs may not fit the same, from international size conversions to one brand’s sizing running smaller than another’s. But one of the reasons has nothing to do with the bras’ actual sizes – it’s that different bra shapes fit more or less successfully on certain bodies.

If you’re having trouble finding a bra that fits, it’s helpful to pay attention to the styles you’re trying. How a balconette bra sits on the body is very different to how a full-cup one does, which is in turn nothing like a plunge bra! You need a bra that is the right size, of course, but also one that matches your particular breast shape.

Today, we’re specifically covering tips and bra styles for people with close-set breasts. 

What are close set breasts?

As the name suggests, these are breasts that have very little space between them. They may even be touching. Try standing up without a bra on, and place a finger flat against your sternum. If it’s touching your breasts on both sides, they are close-set.

Being able to easily create a cleavage line is another sign that you likely have close-set breasts. However, a handful of people have a condition called symmastia (often natural, more rarely a complication of getting implants). This is where your breast tissue is actually joined together at the center – they’re as ‘touching’ as breasts can get, but there’s no defined separation/cleavage between them.

Fit problems of close set breasts

Fit issues relating to close-set breasts are all concentrated around the cleavage area. You’ll likely have trouble finding a bra with a gore (the panel between the cups) that lays flat against your sternum, because there’s just not enough space for it. It will end up buckling or being pushed away from your body, and may be uncomfortable.

Another complaint of close-set breasts is sometimes having a ‘uniboob’ or ‘shelf-bust’ appearance, and wanting a bra that will separate your breasts out a bit more. And, though it’s not a fit problem as such, an unfortunate side effect of breasts that touch can be chafing or excessive sweating between them.

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best bra for close set breasts

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Ideal bra styles for close set breasts

Narrow gores

With little to no space between your breasts, it makes sense that you need a bra with minimal distance between the cups. Look for bras where the centre panel is shaped like a skinny triangle, and the tops of the underwire channels are touching.

Plunge bras

Depending on just how close-set your breasts are (and whether you have symmastia), having any underwires at all between your breasts may cause discomfort. In this case, try a plunge bra which has a very low gore. The wires in a plunge bra are more J than U shaped, so they don’t come up very high at the centre. Plus, plunges are a great choice to flaunt your natural cleavage!

Underwired bras (for separation)

If your primary complaint is having boobs that look ‘smooshed together’ or which rub uncomfortably, be sure to pick a wired bra. Provided that the underwires fit well and aren’t lying on top of breast tissue rather than around it, they hold your breasts inside their separate cups, keeping them apart.

Wireless bras (for comfort)

If on the other hand your problem is painful underwires, and you don’t want to wear a plunge bra, a wireless bra or bralette provides a comfy alternative. Close-set breasts do tend to be on the full side, so if that’s the case for you then check these tips for finding a bralette that’s as supportive as possible.

What are your favorite or most comfortable bra styles, as someone with close-set breasts?

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bras for close set breasts

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Happy bra shopping!

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