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Are you feeling left out by the bralette trend that’s taken the lingerie world by storm? Perhaps you love the delicate look of them, or maybe you crave the comfort going wire-free can bring. But chances are, if you’re a D cup or above, you’re somewhere between skeptical and positively laughing at the thought of something so flimsy being able to support your chest.

Well, I have good news and maybe-not-so-good news for you. Here it is: perhaps you haven’t found them yet, but bralettes for full busts do exist. However, for no bralette will ever offer the same lift, shape or support as a wired bra can. That’s just not what they were designed for.

So why wear a bralette?

You might prefer the look that a traditional bra gives you. But if you’re easy either way, well, why not wear a bralette? There’s no rule that says your breasts have to look a certain way! We live in body-positive times, and it can feel quite liberating to flaunt your natural shape for once.

Even if you want that lift and support out in public, bralettes offer you an easygoing, ultra-comfy alternative for when you’re relaxing at home. Maybe even sleeping. This comfort aspect also makes them great when you’re pregnant, nursing or recovering from breast surgery.

And with bralettes as much a fashion trend as a lingerie one, it’s also more acceptable to have a flash of this style on show. Tired of hunting for a plunge bra low enough to disappear under your V neck, or a convertible one to wear with thin-strapped camis? No more! With chic strap details and gorgeous lace trims, many bralettes are simply made to seen.

And hey, did I mention they’re often also cheaper than their wired counterparts too?

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Signs of a supportive full-bust bralette

Especially as someone with a fuller bust, you probably still want a lingerie style that can make you feel secure. No one wants to be popping out of their bra every five minutes – or ever, for that matter!

Luckily, not all bralettes were made equal. Here are 3 design tweaks that make a bralette significantly more suitable for large cup sizes:

A wide band

The majority of support in a bra comes from the band, and that’s still the case with bralettes. But with many made from stretch lace or other soft-and-supple fabrics, an ultra-firm fit can be harder to come by. Instead, look out for a band that’s wide, which is another way to increase its supportiveness.

Wide shoulder straps

The band may do most of the heavy-lifting, but the straps take some of the weight – especially in wire-free bras where the cup is less self-supporting. When you think of bralettes, you may picture narrow spaghetti straps. Many bralettes do have them. But plenty also have wider strap designs. These mean the weight is distributed over a larger surface area, leading to less cutting-in. Racer-back strap styles increase support too.

Added seaming

The classic triangle bralette is not seamed so much as darted – a sort of ‘half seam’ that starts at the base of the cup and ends by the nipple. That is only there to give the cup depth, not to make it stronger – which is what seams usually do on a bra.

So at the very least, look for a bralette with a seam going all the way to the top of the cup. It really makes a difference to the lift! Bralettes are less-structured by nature, but you may be able to find one with additional seaming – and generally speaking, more seams leads to added support.

Have I convinced you to give bralettes a try? Keep an eye out for these three design features when shopping, because everyone deserves a chance to get in on this cute and comfy trend!

Oh and don’t forget to check out our range of bralettes. Unlike many, they’re sold by standard bra sizing, so whatever your cup size from D to G you can get a great fit.

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Happy bra shopping!

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