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Obviously, there are many benefits to having a bridal shower. Not only do you get to gather many of your friends and family in the same room for some love and support before your big day, but you’re also given a number of useful items that will help you to jumpstart building out your newlywed life. In recent years, though, more and more brides have been opting to have a lingerie shower, which is definitely a very different experience. So, should you have a traditional shower or a lingerie shower? Or should you opt to have both?

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to help you decide.

What is a lingerie shower?

As the name suggests, this type of shower is an event at which the bride receives only lingerie or loungewear (or items relating to lingerie in some way). Gifts might include everything from lacy bralettes and matching panties to teddies, babydolls, and bodysuits. They may also include sexy PJ sets, silk robes, or nightgowns. The idea is to arm the bride with plenty of pretty underpinnings for her wedding night, honeymoon, and beyond.

If you’re planning on having this kind of shower, you’ll definitely want to make sure your lingerie sizes are on the invitation, so that guests can ensure they buy you lingerie that fits flawlessly. You can also open a registry and start a wishlist of specific pieces you want, and provide the registry info on your invitation to help guide guests. Note that typically, the guest list for a lingerie shower will differ slightly from a traditional shower: Since you’ll be opening up some potentially racy undergarments, you may choose to only invite a smaller group (think close friends, cousins, wives/girlfriends of the groom’s best friends — and probably not grandma or your mother-in-law).

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what is a lingerie shower

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Should I have a lingerie shower or a traditional shower?

There are unique perks to both kinds of showers. At a traditional shower, you’ll likely be able to invite more people, and you’ll also get some arguably more practical items for your home (such as bedding, bath items, decor, glassware, etc.). However, a lingerie shower can be a fun way to bond with many of the ladies invited to your wedding. Pus, you’ll be given some stunning new underthings that you may have never bought for yourself — all of which will no doubt come in handy during your honeymoon!

So, which should you have? It depends on your needs and preferences. Obviously, a traditional shower is advantageous in helping to arm you with many essential items you’ll need during this next phase of newlywed life. Also, if you know that a lot of women coming to your wedding don’t know each other, a bridal shower presents a phenomenal opportunity for them to connect and get acquainted before the big day. On the other hand, a lingerie shower is a fun way to shake things up if you feel like you’d benefit more from some stunning new underpinnings. Also, it’s a stellar way to bond with the bridesmaids and other close friends that can be a little more unique and exciting than opening up a few kitchen appliances.

But here’s the thing — you don’t have to choose! Many brides are opting to have both a traditional shower as well as a lingerie shower. That way, they can include more guests in the former, and only invite a smaller group to the latter. Not to mention, they get the best of both worlds in terms of gifts that are both practical as well as playful. The only challenge with having multiple showers is that it can get a bit sticky in terms of the etiquette of who to invite to each. It’s best to try and avoid any overlap with the guest list if you can, as invitees may feel obligated to buy you gifts for both. This is why some brides will have a traditional shower with family and acquaintances, and then combine the lingerie shower with the bachelorette party so that it’s a more intimate event with just the bridesmaids and best friends. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate with all your loved ones at both events, so if you do decide to invite some of the same people to your showers, make sure to let them know that you don’t expect multiple gifts.

Also, you may want to open two separate registries — one for the regular shower and one for the lingerie shower.

Clearly, there are hardly any disadvantages to throwing a lingerie shower. So if you think you could benefit from some new unmentionables, it’s definitely something to consider. And remember: You don’t necessarily have to pick between a traditional shower and a lingerie shower — it is possible to have both! And who doesn’t want a new blender and a few bralettes to boot?

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lingerie for bridal shower

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