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Bathroom Essentials - New Year's Resolution: Chemical-Free Bathroom

I am no stranger to making New Year’s resolutions. It’s always nice to reflect over the course of a year and re-live all your experiences. Last year’s resolution: not to react to situations that I cannot control. Although I (over)reacted under numerous occasions since then, the first step is to acknowledge that something needs to change. Be aware of the problem and slowly talk yourself out. Eventually, “this change” will become a natural instinct.

This year’s resolution: replace all my bathroom essentials with organic and chemical-free products.  I know – way off course from last year, but the best resolutions are made when we reflect. Last summer, I had a terrible sore throat after cleaning my bathroom with typical household cleaning products, like Ajax and Pine-Sol. At first I thought I was coming down with a cold, but everyday my lungs were feeling tighter making it harder to breathe. I did some personal research (we, women, love doing this!) and found out that I had

I did some personal research (we, women, love doing this!) and found out that I had Pneumonitis, or inflammation of the lungs caused by household cleaners. I made a trip to the hospital for medication, and recovered after a week.

I’ve slowly been replacing all my regular cleaning products with chemical-free cleansers, including toiletries. You’ve probably already noticed how much pricier organic products can be; almost double the price! I have bills to pay, too. Start small when making this change. Think about what’s important to you.

For example, my Method Daily Shower Cleaner is an essential for me. As I’m showering and singing at the top of my lungs, I don’t want to inhale chemicals trapped inside with me. Method Daily Shower Cleaner is non-toxic and phosphate-free. Here are a few of my other essential bathroom products!

Here are a few of my other essential bathroom products!


Method® Daily Show Cleaner

I love the Eucalyptus scent! (Price: $2.99)


Method® Spearmint Sage Household Cleaner

Hypoallergenic and phosphate-free. (Price: $4.99)


Method® Foaming Bathroom Cleaner

Powered by non-toxic powergreen® technology. (Price: $3.99)


L. Eco-Friendly Ultra Thin Pads

Absorbent & made with hypoallergenic organic cotton. For every pad you purchase, L. provides a pad to a girl in need in a developing country. (Price: $6.99)


Cora Organic Cotton Tampons

Made with 100% certified organic cotton. (Price: $6.99)



La Vanila Deodorant

The beta glucan technology is infused with SmartSport™ for all day comfort. (Price: $16.00)

{Editor’s Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}
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