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boob sweat

Summer has arrived to the Northern Hemisphere, bringing along with it floaty dresses, ice-pops, festival season, and… the dreaded boob sweat. While that last one may be completely normal, especially for those with fuller busts it can be a real problem. And not just an embarrassing one, but a painful one too if the excess sweating leads to chafing and a rash.

Plus, just like underarm sweat can stain a shirt, boob sweat can stain your bras. We didn’t spend ages hunting down the prettiest and best-fitting ones for that to happen!

Nothing should stop you enjoying summer to its fullest, least of all your chest. Luckily, there are some things you can do to reduce this problem.

Here are 7 ways to deal with boob sweat:

Unlined bras

All of us switch from winter clothes to summer ones, so why would you keep wearing the same lingerie year-round? When it’s hot out you need garments that are going to keep you cool, and a piece of thick foam wrapped around your breasts probably isn’t the answer.

Try switching out your padded and molded bras for unlined ones – they feel light and airy, yet can be just as (or in some cases, more) supportive!

Breathable fabrics

Certain fabrics let your skin breathe better than others. It’s usually the case that synthetic fibers such as polyester can trap moisture against the skin, while natural fibers such as cotton, silk and bamboo will not.

However, the fabric type matters too – nylon, for example, is a man-made fiber but when it’s woven into a mesh or lace it still lets lots of air through.

Moisture-wicking sports bras

However much you’re sweating during that picnic in the park, you’re going to sweat a whole lot more when you’re jogging round it! Due to the combination of sweat and movement, workouts are when you’re most likely to get chafing. So it’s especially important to pick a sports bra that’s breathable.

Look out for features such as mesh panels, high support (to reduce breast movement), and the term ‘moisture wicking’ in the description. This means it’s a high-tech material that actively moves water away from your skin. Even polyester can be great if it’s moisture-wicking.

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boob sweat bra

Get a bra fitting

The fold below larger breasts can easily overheat, but a good bra lifts them up off your ribcage to keep this area nice and breezy. Look for a supportive, wired style that has vertical seaming for lots of lift. And get a bra fitting to double check you’re in the correct since, since a too-large band means the bra won’t be able to hoist your breasts up properly.

Bra liners

Not only is boob sweat a normal problem, it’s so common that products have been developed especially to combat it. One of those is the bra liner – a band of fabric that goes below the center-front of your bra, creating a barrier between you and it.

Be sure to look for a bra liner in a breathable fabric, since some have been designed purely with underwire discomfort (and not sweating) in mind.

Deodorants and powders

Most of us are used to putting deodorant on our underarms each morning, but when your breasts are sweating just as much, why not there too? You could use the same one, but boob deodorants are actually a real thing! Alternatively, you can keep the area dry with a sprinkling of corn starch or baby powder.

Keep wipes handy

Sometimes it’s just so swelteringly hot out that try hard as we might, we can’t eliminate sweating altogether. As a backup, pop a packet of wet wipes in your handbag so that you can nip to the bathroom and freshen up whenever you need to.

If you suffer from a bad case of summer boob sweat, how do you deal with it? Leave a comment and let me know which solution works best for you.

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how to stop boob sweat

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Happy bra shopping!

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