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breast fullness

There are many different terms we use to classify breast shapes. One of the most common (and important to know) is fullness. Breasts can be full on top, full on the bottom, or evenly full all over. Why do you need to understand fullness? Because it plays a major role in determining which bras will fit you best.

If you’re curious about how to figure out your fullness, as well as which bras are best suited to your type, then read on.

What’s my fullness type?

Here’s one super simple way to determine your breast fullness. Stand in front of a mirror braless and bend over at a 90-degree angle. Turn to the side, and lightly cup your breasts with your hands without pulling them upward (it’s a lot harder to tell where the fullness lies if your breasts are entirely unsupported). Now take a look at where the nipple lies: does it look like there’s more breast tissue above it? Then you have full-on-top (FOT) breasts.

If the majority of the tissue is below the nipple, then you know that you have full-on-bottom (FOB) breasts. However, if the tissue appears to be evenly distributed, then your breasts have all-over fullness.

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Which bras are best for me?

Certain bra styles will work better for FOT breasts, just as others will suit FOB breasts better. Once you know your fullness type, you can shop for bras more strategically. Note that your root height can also have an impact on this. For example, those with short roots will want to seek out full-on-bottom bras, while those with tall roots will likely need full-on-top bras.

Full on bottom

This type of breasts requires bras with cups that can accommodate more tissue at the bottom. Look for any bras with deep cups to avoid any spillage. Also, bras with a lot of underside support are ideal.

For example, a longline bra is an excellent choice, as it features a little extra fabric and boning beneath the cups for additional support underneath the breasts.

FOB breasts may find that plunge bras work well, too. If you’ve ever noticed that you have trouble filling up the upper part of your bra cups (leading to unsightly gaping), a plunge bra will eliminate that issue. For the same reason, a demi cup bra is a spectacular choice — it features less coverage, as the cups only come up to slightly above the nipple line.

Any molded bras, including push up bras, are spectacular for FOB breasts. By sculpting the tissue upward and inward, these styles can distribute your breast tissue evenly to make your boobs look less shallow on top.

Full on top

Cut-and-sew bras will be your best friend if your breasts are fuller on the top. That’s because bras with artful seaming on the cups (three-part cups, for example) can provide optimal sculpting and support, enhancing your shape for natural looking roundness. In particular, vertical seams can help provide some major lift.

You may also find that full-cup bras can accommodate for your fullness on top.

Any bras that have elastic along the top edge of the cups are excellent options for you. These cups are more likely to conform to your shape, and less likely to cut into your full upper breast tissue.

Don’t forget about contour bras — these can work wonders for shaping your breasts and making them look more evenly full throughout.

As they say, knowledge is power — and this is certainly true when it comes to your breasts. Hopefully, you have a deeper understanding of your own fullness type, as well as which styles are going to flatter your shape. Alas, now comes the fun part… it’s time for some bra shopping!

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Happy bra shopping!

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