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how to stay healthy during the holidays

Before we know it, the holidays will be here once again, but what does that mean for your health? A major pitfall of this season is that it can often lead to a downward spiral when it comes to healthy eating and living well.

With that in mind, here are just seven little ways you can keep yourself healthy during the holidays!

Use a daily workout app

Should you be heading to your family home for the holidays, you may be far away from your local gym. Yikes. That’s a problem, especially if you happen to have gotten into a regular exercise routine. The last thing you want to do here is make the grave mistake of neglecting your workout regime and falling behind. Doing so will only make being active harder when 2018 looms its head.

Luckily for you, there are lots of workout apps that you can use anywhere at any time. From Pocket Yoga to the 7 Minute Workout app, there really is more choice than you know out there. Find the one that suits you and set a reminder on your phone to use it once daily. After all, a little exercise on a regular basis is better than none at all.  

Take time to de-stress

While this season can be exciting and joyful, it can also be a stress. Whether you’re traveling to see your folks or shopping for last-minute gifts, there are pesky tasks that can make you worry and stress you out.

Stress is terrible for your health. Don’t forget to take some ‘you’ time so that you can unwind. You deserve to have some time alone to just relax. This applies even when you’re around family and loved ones. No one is going to be mad if you slink off to read a book or watch some TV for half an hour.

Avoid overindulging

The holidays are a fabulously festive time, but they do involve a whole lot of overindulgence. While it’s no doubt tempting to drink and eat excessively during this season, it’s not particularly good for your general health. It just so happens to be something that you want to avoid. One of the easiest ways to do so is to distract yourself with all the other fun and games that the season has to offer.

Rather than allowing food and alcoholic drinks to take center stage at your festive parties, ensure that there are other things to do. From playing family quizzes to watching festive films, there are sure to be a wealth of great activities you can come up with.

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how to stay healthy over the holidays

Get outside for a walk

The festive family walk is a tradition in many households so perhaps it’s time to introduce it to yours. When the dinner is over, why not bundle up in warm clothes, and head out for a walk in a nearby park? It’s a chance to have a good old chinwag with your family and enjoy some fresh air. Doing so will help you to boost your metabolism and will also be a fun bonding activity with your nearest and dearest. While you may have to talk your family around to the idea, it’s sure to be worth it!

As you can see, saying healthy over the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. It just takes a few small lifestyle changes to make all the difference. Once you follow these seven rules, you should find that you feel and look fabulous all season long.

Have a juice cleanse

That period between the holidays and new year can often be a tricky one. It’s tempting to use this time to binge on the festive leftovers and tasty treats in the fridge. Well, why not do something a whole lot healthier?

You could always have a mini juice cleanse for a few days here. Detoxing and having a break from heavy, rich cuisine could be just what you need to make you feel right as rain. This should help you to reset your insides and boost your health ahead of the new year.

Prioritize your health

There’s nothing worse than getting a cold over this season. If you want to avoid getting ill (which, of course, you do!), you could take a few preventative measures. For example, you could drink lots of hot drinks, such as tea, and ensure that you increase your protein intake. These small steps may seem somewhat insignificant, but they could make all the difference. The healthier you are when you encounter a virus or infection, the more likely you are to be able to fight it off quickly and easily. So, go on… Boost your health now.

Enjoy the seasonal veggies

Sure, festive foodie delights usually center around meat, cheese, and sweet treats. Still, you don’t want to neglect the healthiest part of the meal — those seasonal veggies. Now is the time to get on board with things like sprouts, cabbage, and spinach. When plating up your meals, be certain to add a large portion of these things and a much smaller helping of meat or other fatty items. It may not be just what you crave, but it will be healthier.

This tip is really all about mindset. Vegetables and nourishing foods don’t have to be boring, especially not at the holidays. When roasted in honey or grilled to perfection, these little things can actually be highly satisfying. You just have to give them a go.

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How do you stay healthy during the holidays?

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