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How I Celebrated The New Year 1 - How I Celebrated The New Year

Last year was without a doubt, the most exciting year of personal growth and transformation I have ever experienced.  It didn’t involve a wedding, or a baby or a new career.  It didn’t include buying a new house, exciting travel plans or moving interstate.  It didn’t cost anything, but a hell of a lot was gained.

I reconnected with myself.  I fell in love with this awesome chick that I had been beating down my entire life.  I embraced an extraordinarily capable body that has given me it’s best even when I treated it the worst.  I came into my power.  I spoke my truth.  I followed my heart.  Let me be clear when I say that not every day of 2016 was sunshine and rainbows – I had my fair share of tears and tribulation.  I did perhaps try to look at things in a different light though, and for that I am grateful!

As the new year quickly arrived, I made the conscious choice to continue on this path of self-discovery and wellness during 2017.  Why wouldn’t I with all that awesome shit going on?  Not only am I going to keep going, but I am going to keep stepping it up!  I have decided that 2017 is going to be unlike any other year in my life.  I am going to live more, rather than just exist.  I am going to feel more joy and less guilt.  I am going to step outside my comfort zone and experience more than I ever have before.  And, I decided that needed to start on January 1st, not in a month or so, or when I lost some weight, or any other thing I previously may have deemed necessary to be worthy.  So, I woke up on January 1st, and this happened…

How I Celebrated The New Year

It seemed like a glorious way to commemorate how far I have come in accepting and embracing myself, exactly as I am today and the perfect way to celebrate the new year and all it has to offer.  This moment in time represents freedom, courage, vulnerability and acceptance – essentials for self-love!  While I won’t necessarily be making a habit of going topless at the beach (or anywhere for that matter) it was a completely liberating and empowering experience, and one I may just continue as a yearly ritual to celebrate the new year!  Remember that life is for living fearlessly and fun!  Get out there – be bold, be proud, be you!

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Krystal Gordon

Krystal Gordon, creator of self-care program Love Nourish Be and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement, is extremely passionate about empowering women to be their most amazing, authentic selves using an honest, holistic and heart-centred approach to wellness. After a lifetime of being at war with her body, this busy Mama transformed her life (and health) through self-love, acceptance and vulnerability, and along the way discovered her true purpose of inspiring other women to do the same.

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