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what is beauty sleep

Beauty sleep — just another myth or a science-backed fact? Well, according to a recent study from The Royal Society, there could be more truth to the phrase than any of us imagine. While we already know that sleep deprivation can have some serious health ramifications, the research suggests that it may also affect how attractive you are.

As part of the study, 25 people were photographed over a two-day period and their sleep was restricted in that time. The pictures were then shown to over a hundred ‘raters’ who determined how attractive each person was in the image. They also rated the people in terms of ‘trustworthiness,’ ‘health,’ and ‘sleepiness.’

The results were striking! In the pictures where people had been deprived of their normal sleep, they were generally rated as less attractive, less healthy, and sleepier. So, what does this mean? Well, it’s pretty simple. The more sleep you get, the more beautiful people may perceive you to be.

How to get more beauty sleep

In the modern world, most of us have extremely busy lifestyles, which means that we struggle when it comes to getting the nightly rest that we need. If you wake up feeling sleepy, that’s a terrible way to start the day. Here are some tips that are certain to help you get more than just 40 winks per night.

1.  Turn off your gadgets

Tablets, phones, and laptops are your worst enemies when it comes to getting the right amount of sleep each night. If you’re in the habit of using these things in bed, it may well be time to stop. Back-lit items trick your brain into thinking that it’s daytime so you may struggle to snooze after using them.

2.  Cut out the coffee (in the afternoon!)

If you’re a full-on java fan, you may find the idea of avoiding coffee a little stressful. Maybe you should, though! The awake feeling that coffee gives you can last for up to six hours at a time. So, if you have a cup of Joe at 6pm, you may still feel awake at midnight. Yikes.

3.  Get some exercise

One of the main reasons that you may still be awake when you’re lying in bed is because you haven’t used much energy in the day. Heading to the gym before or after work may solve just this problem. Wearing yourself out could mean you catch some extra Z’s.

4.  Make sure your room is cool

If you’re hot and sticky at night, there’s just no way that you’re going to sleep well at all. You should try to keep your room cool at all times. In the summer, that may well mean cracking a window or turning on the AC. You might think you’re cozy in the heat, but it’s hindering your sleep.

5.  Hit the lights and draw the drapes

Oh, and it’s not just the temperature of the room that affects how well you sleep. If the room is too light, you may well find that it’s hard to get some kip. Either get an eye mask to shield you from the light or make the room as dark as possible.

6.  Eat earlier in the evening

The world is made up of two types of eaters — early birds and night owls. If you’re the latter, it could affect your sleep. Eating a large meal late at night is certain to keep you up. As your body starts to digest the food, you will feel more and more awake.

7.  Bathe before bed

Often enough, the reason that people struggle to sleep when they go to bed is because they have yet to unwind. This can be a real problem, especially if you’ve got a lot on your mind. Treat yourself to a relaxing soak in the tub an hour before bed.

8.  Try meditation too

If the bath isn’t enough to calm your worries, perhaps some meditation will help. Spending just ten minutes per day attempting to still your mind could make all the difference. There are plenty of resources online that will help you along the way.

9.  Keep things regular

If you don’t happen to have a regular sleep pattern, you will find it hard to drift off. Setting an alarm to go to bed and to get up each morning will help you keep to a tight schedule. Stick to this one enough and it will become your natural sleep pattern.

10.  Put your comfort first!

Finally, it should really go without saying that you need to be comfortable when you hit the hay. Making sure that your bed and mattress are right for you might be the last thing on your mind but these things matter. Taking the time to choose a mattress that suits your sleep style really is the best way forward.

Simply trying some of these tips may make all the difference when it comes to drifting off to the land of nod. Give them a try for yourself and see how it changes your nighttime routine! You might just be surprised by the results. After all, we all need our beauty sleep.

Featured image via Parfait

What helps you get a good night’s sleep? Tell us in the comments below!

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