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mental health awareness month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we all know that strong mental health is essential to everything we do. Whether it’s a work project or your kid’s soccer game, life requires you to be clear-headed and present. Yet, we also know that life can make us anything but clear-headed. Obligations and stresses add up to make you feel pulled in all different directions.

Making time in your schedule for relaxing activities can help boost your mental health. Plus, a little time to rejuvenate will help you be a better you.

Here’s a list of relaxing activities to do in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

1.  Spend time outside.

From lots of greenery to soft sounds of wildlife, nature provides a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you go for a hike or have a picnic, you’ll feel refreshed after spending time outdoors.

2.  Take a bubble bath.

A bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to refresh my mind. You can even opt for aromatherapy bubble bath products that will maximize your relaxation in the bath.

3.  Get spa services.

Who doesn’t feel brand new after spa services? Pencil in a mani-pedi, massage or facial, and you’ll be glad you did. But, you don’t have to head to the spa to pamper yourself. You can treat yourself to spa services right in your own bathroom.

4.  Read a new book.

Sometimes you need to immerse yourself into a story so your mind has something new to think about. Reading a book is an excellent way to do that. Start a new book this month to give your mind a little vacation.

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5.  Watch a movie.

Need a mini-vacation for your brain that doesn’t involve reading? Watch a movie! Even better, watch a movie by yourself so you have full control over what you watch.

6.  Meditate.

Meditating is becoming more and more popular. And, you can meditate even if you’ve never tried it before. It’s simply about being mindful and present – two things that are essential for your mental health. Unsure of how to meditate? There are plenty of YouTube tutorials to get you started!

7.  Go for a walk.

A short walk can quickly clear your head because you get fresh air and a change of scenery. Challenge yourself to go for a 15-minute walk every day until June for a daily mental boost.

8.  Start keeping a journal.

Journaling is a fantastic way to relieve your mind. Keeping a journal allows you pen all your feelings, whether they’re positive or negative. And, getting negative thoughts on paper helps remove them from your mindset.

9.  Create something.

Creating is therapeutic, regardless of what you choose to create. Draw, build, plant, write – create in the way that is most exciting to you. Many people don’t make much time for creativity in their daily schedules, but creating often makes us feel like ourselves.

Taking time to nurture your mental health is imperative on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When we spend time practicing self-love, we refresh our minds and bodies. And, when we’re the best version of ourselves, we’re happier and more productive in all areas of our lives.

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