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addicted to lingerie - 8 Signs You're Addicted To Lingerie

Are you a lingerie addict? Come on. There’s no judgment here. Are you the type of sassy lady who knows her stuff when it comes to lingerie? 

If the answers a big, massive yes, here are eight things that are just so you!

1.  Your underwear always matches your bra.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what challenges you happen to be taking on, one thing will always be for sure. Your underwear will 100% match. You’re obsessive about making sure that your lingerie – your briefs and bras – is kept in the right places. That way, you know how to make sure that your pairs are always on hand first thing in the morning. To you, making sure that your underwear matches and looks fabulous is the best way to start most every single day. Bliss.  

2.  You subscribe to newsletters from your favorite lingerie brands.

Your inbox is always brimming with new deals and exclusive offers. Why? Because you’ve signed up to a whole range of lingerie newsletters. If you love a store, you want to know everything you can about it and what it has to offer. That’s why you’ve made sure that you’re a priority customer by signing up to each and every mailing list out there. Bonus: It means that you’re always the first to know when a major sale drops or a brand spanking new line of lingerie comes to your favorite store. What could be better?

3.  You’re up to date on the latest trends.

You’re the first person that your pals come to when they need some advice on what lingerie they should by. Word on the street is that you know all about the latest trends before everyone else. That means that you’re ahead of the game when it comes to shopping and you always know how to get the creme de la creme of lingerie. Since you love nothing more than reading about fashion, you’ve always got your finger on the pulse. Should a new style or design hit the stores, you’re always ready to check it out right away.

4.  You find yourself online lingerie shopping at work.

Oops! Now and then, when you really should be working, you find yourself accidentally browsing lingerie stores online. You wouldn’t say that underwear shopping is a mere hobby. Oh no, it’s your number one passion. Whenever you feel as though you need a little pick-me-up, you know just what to do. Head to your fave store – or go ahead and check out their website. There’s just one problem. You really should be doing some work right about now! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss…

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5.  The staff at your local lingerie boutique know your name.

When you walk into your favorite lingerie boutique, you get more than a simple ‘hello’ from the staff in there. These guys know your name, your measurements, and your favorite type of lingerie. You could say that you’re something of a regular when it comes to the store. You’ve spent hours and hours looking through the fabulous lingerie on display and, during that pleasurable time, you’ve made pretty tight friends with the staff too. These guys are more than just sales associates. You might even say that they’re your friends!

6.  Your fave sales associate saves special items for you.

Then there’s your fave sales associate. You know who I’m talking about. She’s the one who has always got your back and, when a new item comes in, she saves it especially for you. She knows what kind of thing you’re into and can spot a piece of lingerie you’d love a mile away. Whenever you head to the lingerie stores, she’s the first to pull you to one side and whisper that she has something very special for you. The thought fills you with glee – more beautiful lingerie is coming your way.

7.  They know just what style you adore.

The truth of the matter is that every single staff member in the store also knows what your style is. You’ve spoken to them all so very many times that they have a very clear idea of what you’re into and, of course, what you’re not. That means that the moment you walk into the lingerie boutique that you love the most, you know that you can trust just about anybody in there to help you. Since you frequent this place all the time, you can be certain that everyone knows what style of lingerie you’re looking for.

8.  You know exactly how to care for your lingerie.

Finally, you know how to best care for your lingerie. When other ladies squash all their bras and briefs into a teeny-tiny drawers, it sends shivers down your spine. The notion that people don’t look after their lingerie with pride and joy really irks you. On the other hand, you’re the type of woman who goes to great pains just to make sure that your lingerie is always as fresh as a daisy. From taking proper care when washing it to packing it away well, you’ve got it all covered.

There’s no shame in being a total lingerie addict! If anything, it merely means that you’re a strong lady who knows what she likes. And, if you happen to like fancy lingerie, so be it. Now, why not check out some of the new ranges online. Go on… You know you want to.

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Happy bra shopping!

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