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make friends new city 1 - 8 Fun Ways To Make Friends In A New City

What with moving for college, jobs, and family, I’ve been the new kid in town a number of times now.

Exploring tourist traps, learning the best routes in traffic, and searching for good local flavor are all on the list for new arrivals. But finding an all new friend group is one of the most important things for your health and happiness after a move.

Need help breaking into the city social circles? Check out these eight ways you can make friends in a new city, and have fun at the same time!

1.  Use a social app (yes, there really is an app for that).

You can find all sorts of apps these days that will connect you with local groups that have similar interests as you, so you can go meet women and drink wine, bowl at the local bowling alley, or play board games at the local bar. The possibilities are endless.

I’d suggest starting with MeetUp, which lets you find local groups to join and meet up with!

2.  Try a dating app.

Dating apps can be a great way to meet new people, whether you’re looking for a friend to show you the sights, or a romantic interest who can help you find your new favorite restaurant.

Dates are a great way for you to explore the city and have a local give you the inside scoop, whether that’s the most popular place to eat ice cream or the best coffee shop.

Obviously be careful with this one; being out with a stranger in a strange city can be a recipe for disaster. Make sure you stay safe and always meet in public.

make friends new city 3 - 8 Fun Ways To Make Friends In A New City

3.  Join a gym.

This may not be your version of fun, but if you enjoy working out then joining a gym can help you meet like-minded people who also like to hit the weights or sweat it out in a fitness class.

This works great for extroverts who don’t mind striking up a conversation with strangers, or getting goofy in an instructor-lead class.

4.  Attend a class.

There’s no better way to make friends than by trying to learn a new skill together. Go throw some clay at a pottery class, try experimental recipes at a cooking class, or even learn to quilt.

You’ll find people with adventurous interests (just like you) and also learn some new skills at the same time!

5.  Volunteer.

Speaking of meeting like-minded people, finding a cause that empowers and excites you is a great way to meet people and make a difference at the same time!

Whether you want to help build houses, serve meals at a soup kitchen, or read to the elderly, you can find something you enjoy doing and also meet a diverse range of people. Widen your horizon and your friend group at the same time!

make friends new city 2 - 8 Fun Ways To Make Friends In A New City

6.  Pursue your hobbies locally.

If you already know what you love to do in your spare time, or have a new hobby you’d like to start excelling at, then finding a local group to join can give you something fun to do on the weekends. You could hike with dogs, read classic literature, or try wine tasting!

Even if your hobbies are more obscure, in a city there’s bound to be someone out there who loves what you do.

7.  Join a running club.

Another fitness suggestion, running clubs are popular in cities. Runners love to crawl out of bed at dawn and pound the pavement in big groups.

Not only is a running club a safe way to run in a new city, but the more you attend, not only will your cardio improve but you’ll also start to recognize faces. Start smiling and waving, and soon, you could be running with them, or asking them to hang out before or after the run.

Who knows, you could even start running races together!

8.  Poll other friends.

Before or after you move to a new city, you could ask your current friends to put feelers out for you: who do they know in the city you’ve just moved to, and can they put you in touch? Even if all you do is have coffee with someone once, you’ll have gotten out into the world, been social, and gotten one step closer to making a new friend.

And if they’re familiar with the city, you can pick their brain for suggestions and advice on city life. Either way you win!

make friends new city 4 - 8 Fun Ways To Make Friends In A New City

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