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Fall Wardrobe Essentials

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to stock up on cool weather style essentials. We’ll put aside the airy fabrics and replace them with items perfect for layering. After all, fall is all about layering. Adding a simple vest or jacket over a blouse completely levels-up your wardrobe game. But aside from layering, there are a few fashion must-haves that will keep you looking stylish (and functional) throughout the new season.

Here are our picks for your fall wardrobe:


velvet dress - 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Style File

From velvet jumpsuits and bodysuits to velvet maxi dresses and blouses, velvet is IN this season. And it makes sense too – when fall is fully upon us, the cozy fabric will keep us warm.


plaid - 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Style File

Plaid is a pattern that suits nearly all fall wardrobe items – dresses, blouses or jackets. But, go a step further by finding original, plaid items that are slightly spiced up. Take this plaid button-up, for example. It’s not your typical button up because it has wrist ties and a trendy neck cut-out.

Leather jacket

leather jacket

The leather jacket is back again. It was a fall staple last year and the year before that – and many years before that. A leather jacket is perfect to wear as part of your outfit or just to throw on as outerwear to get you from point A to point B. Personally, I think having both tan and black leather jackets is an excellent choice for fall. Having both colors will double your outfit options, and you won’t feel like you’re over-wearing an item.

Jewel tones

jewel tones

Fall brings the rich, deep hues, so bring on the jewel tones! You’ll be able to easily find pieces in emerald, maroon, gold, sapphire, ruby, etc. Even better – find a velvet item in a jewel tone, and you can simultaneously check two items off your fall must-have list.

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Structured bag

structured bag - 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Style File

As our clothing gets heavier for fall, so do our bags. A structured bag is stylish for the season, but also convenient for carrying fall pieces you shed during the day, like a scarf, gloves or a hat. Get a classic bag you can use again next year, or opt for details that are a little more current, like fringe or studs.

Oversized sweater

oversized sweater - 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Style File

An oversized sweater is a go-to piece for fall. It works whether you’re having a lazy Saturday at home or heading out on the town. If your oversized sweater can also be worn off the shoulder, add a fun bralette under it for some extra sass and femininity.

Midi-length cardigan

midi length cardigan - 8 Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Style File

Midi-length cardigans can be worn in many environments. From weekend brunches and date nights to going into the office or running errands around town, these long cardigans boost an outfit. And because they’re long in length and have long sleeves, you can usually omit a jacket.


Trench coat

trench coat

I’ve listed several outerwear pieces so far, but of course, you’ll need a true coat for fall. A trench coat is a timeless coat you can wear year after year. Throw it on over your outfit when it’s chilly, or use the trench as part of your actual outfit. Trench coats come in multiple materials and weights, so there are plenty of options to meet your preferences.

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As you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, keep neutral and jewel-toned colors top of mind. When you combine rich colors with seasonal pieces and cozy textures, you’ll be on-trend all season long.


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