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women empowering women

When women are empowered, we’re a more positive influence within our families and communities. And, empowered women empower women. All it takes is one woman to empower another woman, and it’s probably easier than you thought. You don’t have to be a celebrity or have a large social media following to be part of the women empowering women movement. Profound words or embellished compliments aren’t necessary either. Women empowering women comes down to a couple of concepts: positivity and kindness.

Here are seven ways women can empower women:

Speak positively about yourself.

Speaking positively about yourself is an indirect way to empower other women. The way you speak about yourself is often a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you tell yourself that your hips are too big, your eyes will obsess over your hips every time you look in a mirror. However, speaking positively about yourself changes how you see yourself. Do this when you’re around other women, and it will remind them to think more positively about themselves as well.

Don’t speak negatively about other women.

Speaking negatively about other women is a sign of insecurity. And let’s face it – we all have insecurities. But don’t let your insecurities come out in the form of speaking poorly about others. As mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Give genuine compliments.

Giving genuine compliments is an easy way for women to empower women. And some of the most rewarding compliments a woman receives are from women she doesn’t know. Whether you love a woman’s shoes or you see her doing good, don’t be hesitant to give a compliment. Be the woman that is so secure she’ll hand out compliments without needing one in return. And remember: her success is not your failure.

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empowered women empower women

Be a source of positivity for other women.

When a fellow woman is struggling, lift her up by showing her the positive side of things. Now, this doesn’t mean to be annoyingly positive during tough times. Instead, it means to be a bright light when things feel dark for her. Life comes with ups and downs, and it’s helpful to have someone around who can bring positivity into a bad situation.

Show more love and less judgement.

There’s a fine line between being concerned and judgmental. You often don’t have the full story, even when it seems that you do. Instead of judging another woman’s actions or situations, show her love. When you shower her with love, she can rise up. If you shower her with judgement, you’re keeping her down.

Be kind.

When you’re kind to another woman, you’re showing her compassion and love. They say to treat others the way you’d want to be treated. So, set an example of how women should treat other women by acting in kindness.

Be slower to advise, and quicker to listen.

A woman doesn’t always need your advice when she comes to you with a complaint. Sometimes she just wants to vent in a judge-free space. And if you give your opinion without her asking for it, she can feel bummed out. Be slower to advise on a situation, and quicker to just lend a listening ear.

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By simply showing a woman kindness, love and positivity, you can empower her to change her perspective. And, when you empower other women, you empower yourself. After all, empowered women empower women.

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