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wrong bra size signs

As women, we start wearing bras as early as the beginning of adolescence. And let’s face it – our bras probably didn’t fit well as our bodies were changing and growing. But this skews our mentality of bras. By the time we reach adulthood, we go bra shopping the way we always have. We head into a store and try on bras to see what fits and what doesn’t. If there’s too much side boob, it’s just the price you pay, and you buy it anyways. However, many women don’t realize that bra discrepancies – like excess side boob –  signify that the bra doesn’t fit. In fact, many women have been wearing the wrong bra size for years.

Let’s talk through the most obvious signs that your bra is too big.

1.  There’s a gap between the cup and your breast.

A gap between the cup and your breast signifies that the cups are too big. Your breasts should fill in your cups without any adjustments needed. And when you stand, sit or bend over, the cups should remain supportive of your breasts. If you have a gap in your cup, it’s time to get your next bra fitting.

2.  The band rides up on your back.

Your bra band isn’t tight enough if the band of your bra rides up on your back. You can try fastening your band on a tighter hook. However, if that doesn’t fix the issue – or if the band is already on the last hook – you’ll need a smaller band size.

3.  The bra cups are wrinkly.

If your bra cups are wrinkly even while wearing the bra, the cups are too big. Your breasts should fill out the cups and alleviate extra material and space. Wrinkly cups also mean your breasts are being supported well by the bra. You could tighten your straps to make the bra fit tighter. However, if the cups are wrinkly, tightening the straps likely won’t resolve the problem. Try going down a cup size to ensure your breasts can fill out the cups and receive maximum support.

4.  Your shoulders are sore.

Sore shoulders are signs that your bra is too big. If a bra makes your shoulders hurt, it’s usually because the bra band isn’t tight enough. The band rides up on your back, forcing your straps to carry the weight of your breasts. Consequently, your bra straps dig into your shoulders, leaving unfortunate marks. If this describes your shoulders, you’ll need to go bra shopping for a smaller band.

5.  Your bra straps fall down.

If a bra is too big, you may find it hard to keep your bra straps on your shoulders. You can always tighten the straps, as this could very easily reverse the situation. However, if the straps still fall after being tightened, they aren’t providing enough support. You’ll need to decrease the band size.

6.  Your bra is fastened on the last hook.

Your bra should fit well and comfortably when fastened on the middle hook. This allows you to adjust your bra band as needed. For instance, if you were to gain or lose a couple of pounds. So, if you always wear your bra on the last (and tightest) hook, your bra may be too big. Going down a band size could allow you to fasten the bra on the middle hook. And after changing band sizes, you may realize that the bigger band wasn’t very supportive.

Wearing a bra that is too big for you can be painful and annoying. But, it’s also not good for your breasts. Your breasts should be supported by the bra, making the bra do all the work. If you experience any signs that your bra is too big, it’s a good idea to get a professional bra fitting. (Bonus, bra fittings are typically free!)

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Happy bra shopping!

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