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how to pack bras

With the holiday season almost here, you may be planning a romantic getaway with your loved one. There’s just one teeny, tiny problem — you’ve got to pack your suitcase… and it’s a small one. Making sure that you have everything you need in one little case can often be tricky. Luckily for you, there are some great hacks you can try.

1.  Plan your outfits first

Before you do anything at all, it’s worth deciding what outfits you’re going to take along with you. Sure, it can be a real pain to make these tricky wardrobe choices ahead of time, but doing so will save you a whole lot of trouble. It means that you can decide what lingerie you would like to take too and make informed decisions in that area. After all, you know better than anyone else which lingerie sets complement which outfits.

There’s a real golden rule to which you ought to stick here. Don’t make the mistake of packing too many things here. Make sure that you have one lingerie set for each outfit you have. That way, you will know what you’re wearing for each and every day of your trip. Honestly, nothing could be easier!

2.  Buy a few mesh lingerie bags

Let’s face it, you invest in delectable underwear for a reason. So, the very last thing that you’d ever want to do is ruin it while en route. Mesh bags can be a real lifesaver in this area. You should buy a few of them before you go away. Not only do they allow you to divide up your lingerie, but they also help you keep things neat and tidy as you pack. It should make the entire packing process much easier than it would otherwise be.

The fact of the matter is that your delicates are just that — delicate. You don’t want them to go tumbling around in your suitcase. Perish the thought! Instead, you want to keep them crisp and clean no matter how far they have to travel. The mesh bags will do just that in an instant. What’s more, they will be the ideal travel extra.

3.  Bring laundry detergent

Accidents happen to the best of us. Imagine your shower gel bottle cracks open in your case and covers all your clothes, including your lingerie. Nightmare. You need to be prepared for every single eventuality and that includes unexpected incidents like this one. So, what should you do in this case? Well, you may want to carry some emergency cleaner just to be on the safe side.

Many launderettes out there offer delicate cleaning agents that you can use. Getting a few sachets of the stuff means that you will be able to hand-wash your items, such as lingerie, at a moment’s notice. Having supplies like these on you may seem a little over the top, but you’re not a clairvoyant and you can never predict the future.  

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how to pack bras in a suitcase

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4.  Pop your socks in your bra

Since the dawn of packing hacks, people have told one another that the best way to store socks is in shoes. Um, wrong! Here’s a neat idea. Why not pop them in the cups of your bra instead? When you really think about it, the cups of your bras are the perfect shape to fit something like your socks. Doing so will mean that the bra keeps its shape while being stored away, which means that it is less likely to get knocked around while it’s in transit. Perfect.

There’s a real method to getting this little hack right. Make sure that the bras are all facing the same way so the cups lie in front of one another. You can then roll up a pair of small sneaker socks and stuff them in the bra cups themselves. If you do this well, you should find that you have the perfect shape for the cup. This tip will help you have more space in your suitcase (yes!) and ensures that your bras are safe and secure too.

5.  Always fold, never scrunch

When it comes to your small delicates, such as your panties, there’s one cardinal rule that you should never, ever break. Always fold, never scrunch. These items are far too delicate to scrunch up into balls and tuck into the side of your suitcase. Doing so may cause damage to the material or, at the very least, cause it to wrinkle up and look a little unkempt, to say the least.

Learning how to properly fold these items could make all the difference. After all, it means that they will get the proper treatment they deserve. The method is quite simple. Just fold the two sides of the briefs inward and the bottom of them upward to create a small square. You could also use some tissue paper to separate these items from the rest of your clothes, or the mesh bags which we’ve already discussed.

6.  Only pack the essentials

Finally, let’s be clear on this: You don’t need to take every piece of lingerie you own. Sure, you may want to, but there’s no need to. If you have a limited amount of space in your suitcase, you’re going to have to be a little brutal with what you do take and what you don’t take. It’s that simple. If it helps, you can take all your lingerie sets and lay them out on the bed. Take a look at each of them and decide whether it’s an essential or an extra. That way, before you even know it, you will have narrowed down what you’re taking!

Packing can often seem like a real chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way! When you learn how to keep things simple and easy, nothing could be quicker. With any luck, these lingerie packing hacks will help you make the whole thing as painless as can be. Happy travels!

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