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As much as you love (and paid for) your bras, you do your best to take care of them. Right? You may think you’re caring for your bras, however, many women are damaging their bras without realizing it.

Here are the six most common ways you’re damaging your bras.

1.  You’re drying bras in the dryer.

Drying bras in the dryer is one of the best ways to ruin them. High heat is extremely harmful to your bras. A bra’s elastic becomes stretched and loses its quality after heating up. After a while, this means your bra isn’t going to have its original fit. The underwire could even pop through the fabric due to drying bras in the dryer. So, think again before tossing a bra in the dryer for time’s sake.

2.  You’re washing bras in the washer.

Washing machines aren’t good for your bras either. The cycles can be harsh, and bras easily get tangled and snagged by other items in the wash. It’s best to wash bras by hand in the sink.

3.  You’re washing bras too often.

So, you thought you were doing your due diligence by washing your bra after every wear? Not so much. This is actually aging your bra. You don’t need to wash and dry your bra every time you wear it. It’s okay to wear a bra a few times before washing it if you’re not sweating a lot.

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4.  You’re not washing bras enough.

Are you someone who washes bras every couple weeks? Do you remember the last time you washed your bras? Not washing bras enough can also damage them. Sweat, dead skin and body oils rub onto your bra every time you wear it. So, you don’t want to go too long between washes or you risk breaking out your skin. It’s best to wash bras every few wears.

5.  You’re washing bras in hot water.

Hot water should never be used with your bras. Overtime, exposure to hot water will damage the bra’s elastic and material. (Similar to high heat.) Use cold water when soaking and hand-washing your bras in the sink.

6.  You’re tossing your bras into a drawer after wearing them.

Simply tossing a bra into a drawer is asking for it to get hurt. It could get caught between drawers or snagged on another item. Organizing your lingerie is a simple way to keep lingerie looking new. You can hang them on lingerie hangers or organize them in a drawer. It’s best to fasten bras, then place them cup-to-cup when using a drawer.

7.  You’re wearing the same bra every day.

Wearing the same bra every day is an easy way to age it because it’s the only one being used. This means its taking all the oils, sweat, etc. And, it’s getting washed too often than it needs to be. Over-wearing your bra will lead to early signs of wear and tear. You should have at least a few go-to bras in rotation. Using each bra equally ensures no single bra gets worn out too quickly.

Are you guilty of unknowingly damaging your bras? That’s okay! I once was, too. But, you now know the secret to keeping your bras looking beautiful and new. Your boobs, your bras and your wallet will thank you!

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Happy bra shopping!

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