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does breast size matter

There’s no such thing as perfect breasts, and it’s essential that women remember this. We’re all different – from the color of our hair to the shapes of our bodies. We’re not meant to look exactly the same, and neither are our boobs.

It’s common to compare your boobs to what seems to be the ideal image of boobs. But the more you realize that there is no ideal boob image, the more confident you’ll be. At Parfait, we think every woman’s bust is perfect as it is – whether it’s a 38DD or a 32A. It’s time to stop having negative thoughts about your boobs and start loving them.

Here are five things you must stop thinking about your boobs, so you can start being more body positive:

1.  They’re too big.

There are pros and cons to every bust size. Embrace your larger bust if you have it because your boobs are not too big. They compliment your body in the best way. However, a plus to having big boobs is that you can wear a minimizer bra to help decrease your bustline, if needed. It’s kind of like having the best of both worlds.

2.  They’re too small.

I hear many women say their boobs are too small – but they’re not! A small bust fits your body just as a larger bust suits someone else. Women with larger boobs can use bras to their advantage, and so can small-busted women. With a push-up bra, or even just a good everyday bra, you can make your bust look fuller. But, that’s only if you want the extra volume. Consider the perks of having small boobs. You likely don’t even have to wear a bra and that’s something to smile about!

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3.  They’re abnormal.

Your boobs are not abnormal. It doesn’t matter if one is bigger than the other, your nipples aren’t symmetrical or you get random hairs on your areolas. These traits are not abnormalities – they are the norm. So, don’t feel embarrassed about boob nuances that you consider to be weird. Know your bust is just as normal as the next woman’s.

4.  They’re saggy.

Some boobs sag more than others. And you guessed it – it’s normal. Contrary to popular belief, all boobs aren’t perky at a young age. Your genetics and hormones determine your fat tissue to breast tissue ratio, which determines how your boobs look. So being young and having boobs that are less than perky doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.

Of course, as we age and go through life changes, our boobs change as well. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause all take their tolls on our boobs, causing them to change shapes and sizes. Consider those changes to be evidence of a life well-lived, instead of life wrecking your boobs.

5.  They’re not perky enough.

Perkiness doesn’t have to be the same from one woman’s breasts to another’s. There are different types of perkiness because there are different types of boobs. Don’t compare your boobs’ perkiness to what seems to be ideal. Instead, look at your breasts with judge-free eyes and you’ll see that they are actually very pretty.

When you stop judging your boobs and start loving them, you create a more body positive mindset for yourself. Body positivity is a buzz word now, but it shouldn’t be underrated. Body positivity simply means loving your body and not critiquing it. When you stop having negative thoughts about your body, you start feeling more confident. And confidence is key in everything you do.

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Happy bra shopping!

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