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what does commando mean

Going commando: It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but it also comes with a plethora of perks. Of course, your underwear, along with your bra, is one of the first garments you put on. So what does going commando mean for you? Well, for starters, many women find it to be liberating to go panty-less. When going commando, you don’t have to obsess over which pair to wear or match it to your bra, nor do you have to worry about any unsightly visible panty lines. Not to mention, ditching the panties is one way to spice things up on date night — the look on their face when they realize you’ve got nothing on underneath your clothes is sure to be priceless.

Still, there are some important things to consider in regards to hygiene, comfort, and more. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before going commando:

It’s not ideal for every outfit

OK, so obviously going panty-less isn’t exactly a great idea under a miniskirt (unless you’re prepared for a potential wardrobe malfunction). But there are other items you should avoid when going commando — like skinny jeans (or any other jeans that are super tight in the crotch area).

Since denim is a pretty rough material and has a lot of seams, it could cause some irritation in your nether regions if you don’t have a pair of panties in between to provide a layer of protection for your delicate skin. In fact, Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University, told Health24 that chafing can be a common issue when going commando. So to prevent any possible discomfort, be sure to wear panties with your form-fitting jeans.

It can be good for your health

You definitely don’t have to go commando all the time. But even skipping the panties occasionally can have some health benefits, according to Donnica Moore, MD, a New Jersey-based gynecologist and president of Sapphire Women’s Health Group. In an interview with Health, the obstetrician noted that constantly wearing undies 24/7 can cause sweat and heat to get trapped near the skin, thus making it easier to get an infection. As such, she recommends going without underwear now and then to air things out.

Bedtime is an ideal time to try it

If you’re looking to try going panty-less, you may want to do so at night. Not only will you not have to stress about any possible wardrobe malfunctions, but friction won’t likely be an issue when you’re only wearing comfy PJs, a silk nightie, or nothing at all.

Mary Rosser, Ph.D., M.D., director of the division of general obstetrics and gynecology at Montefiore Health System, told Women’s Health Magazine that this can be a great time to let things breathe, which can especially important for women who are prone to frequent yeast infections.

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what does going commando mean

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It’s not worth the risk at the gym

Skipping the panties is a great idea at the gym because you won’t have a VPL under your workout leggings, and plus, you’ll be sweating, so it’s better to air things out, right? Think again. According to Erica Schipper, M.D., an ob-gyn in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, it’s best to wear undies while exercising whether you’re spinning, running, or strength training. She told Women’s Health Magazine that this extra barrier will help to prevent any irritation that comes with friction caused by movement.

It may mean doing more laundry

You might assume without undies means you’ll have less laundry to do, but in fact, that’s not necessarily the case. In an interview with Men’s Health Magazine, David Burrows, co-founder of the app-based dry-cleaning service Laundri pointed out that when you don’t have that extra layer of fabric between your skin and your pants, shorts, skirt, etc., those garments are likely to get dirty and acquire odors faster. As a result, he says you’ll likely need to slash your wear-to-cleaning cycle in half (so if you wear a pair of pants two times before washing them, you’ll probably only be able to get away with one wear when you go commando).

Final considerations

The bottom line is this: There are a number of benefits to going commando. In fact, the only real downside is that you may have to do laundry a bit more often. Also, there are certain situations that are better suited to going commando. While it’s fine to skip out on the panties while wearing loose fitting pants or while sleeping, you may want to think twice if you’re wearing tight jeans or working out. If you typically wear panties all the time, going commando may feel a bit strange at first — after all, you’re used to having another layer of material between your body and your clothes! It will take a little time to get accustomed to the feeling of being bare-bottomed, but who knows? It may just give you a newfound sense of freedom — and perhaps even a little boost of confidence.

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what is commando

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