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5 Things Stylish Women Secretly Do Everyday - 5 Things Stylish Women Secretly Do Everyday

Some women are her. Some women want to be her. And some women wonder what time they must wake up in the morning to look so put together. Because really, how many women can truly say I woke up like this? We can’t all be Beyonce, and not all of us have incredible stylists. But I for one am inspired by those flawless females who take on the day looking suave and stylish. There are no life hacks for style, but there are a few ways that you too can join those elite femme fashionistas, inspired by one of my very own coworkers, who even on her busiest days always manages to look fierce, feminine, and flawless (and smile too)!

1.  They plan their outfits for the next day the night before.

This doesn’t mean you have to have every minute of your day planned out (although that might help with your scheduling stress) but it does mean having your outfit ready to go before you go to bed. You already know what you’re wearing, how it will look and feel, so you don’t need to do a deep dive into your wardrobe the next day and try to figure out what fits, what’s clean, and what will pair well with the shoes you’ve chosen. Having something planned for the next morning means you wake up ready to tackle the day, confident that if nothing else, your outfit will workout.

2.  They put their best-dressed self forward.

With purpose. Some women really do wake up at 5am so they can put in the time to look even more flawless than when they woke up. Whether it’s a complicated hair routine or lengthy makeup routine, the outcome is worth the effort. You don’t need to hand over tons of cash or overhaul your whole wardrobe to start looking more polished, but taking time over your look means you’ll feel more confident in the hours ahead, and confidence makes you shine.

You also need to take time to figure out what styles work for you, what pairs well, and what staples you can keep in your closet for easy ensemble creation. Putting in time before you actually need to whip up an outfit means less panic in the moment. Plus, waking up earlier means you have more hours in your day for productivity and butt kicking. Enough said.

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3.  They value comfort.

Those women who seem to look incredible in whatever they wear? It’s because they know what works for them, and they rock it. Whether that’s mini skirts, body con dresses or empire waistlines, the important two words to focus on are fit and flatter. What will fit you best, not only your look and style but your body shape? And what is going to be most flattering? Even if rompers are in, if you’re going to be self-conscious all day, pulling on the short fabric, it isn’t worth sacrificing your style for comfort. Emphasize your assets, but above all, wear the styles that you feel most comfortable in – not necessarily yoga pants all day every day, but don’t feel like you have to wear crop tops or dresses with cut-outs either.

4.  They always have a plan B.

“No pain no gain” is the rule of fashionista everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should’t have a plan B. I am one of those women with a pile of shoes under my desk – some weren’t comfy, some were just to get me from snowy car to office building, and some are a pair to wear after work. You should always have a backup, and that means shoes, deodorant, makeup and even a spare outfit tucked away in your desk or your car, just in case. Coffee accidents happen. Makeup stains. Shoes break. But your style doesn’t have to suffer.

5.  They know how to use accessories to create a statement.

Something I’ve always noticed about the most incredible fashionistas? They always have an accent piece. Yes, some women wear multiple patterns at once, bright color layered on bright color, but they always have that one piece that pops and brings together their whole outfit. Purse, ring, necklace, shoes, belt – find something to build your outfit around. It makes all the difference.

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You don’t have to live a high-pressure lifestyle to want to add more polish to your life. Personal style is an important form of self-care and it can directly affect your mood, confidence, and level of happiness. I for one know I’ll feel good tomorrow when I rock an outfit I’ve taken time to put together and know I look awesome in!


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