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poor fitting bra symptoms

Many women don’t realize how much their bra impacts their self-confidence. Instead, the bra gets little thought. It’s not something other people see, and it serves a simple purpose – so why bother? Right? Wrong.

You see your bra and how you look in it, and that can kill or boost your self-confidence. While it’s true that the bra serves a purpose, that purpose isn’t necessarily simple. The bra supports your bust, helps accentuate your figure and makes you feel good. So, don’t be quick to write off the importance of a good bra.

Is your bra killing your confidence without you even knowing? It might be! Here are five signs your bra is killing your self-confidence:

1. It’s old and worn-out.

Contrary to popular belief – looks do matter. A bra that looks old could be killing your confidence. A tired, dingy bra may be able to do part of its job, but not its whole job. Remember, a bra’s job is to make you feel good and look good.

Putting on a worn-out bra every day won’t make you feel good about how you look in it. Old bras can also get stretched out. A bra that’s stretched can’t support or lift your bust the way it did when you bought it.

2. You’re embarrassed when you remove your shirt.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or lackluster when you see yourself in your bra. In fact, you should love how your bra looks on you.

I remember a time when I’d hurry to remove my bra so my husband didn’t see me in it. The bra wasn’t flattering on me, and it did nothing for boobs. I then realized that the bra killing my confidence. I got a bra fitting and bought bras that were truly my size. From then on, I was no longer embarrassed by my bra.

3. It’s too big.

A bra that’s too big is disheartening because there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Tightening the band will only create more space in the cups. Adjusting the straps won’t make it fit tighter either. Whether the cups are too big or the straps fall off your shoulders, it’s hard to maximize your confidence wearing a bra that’s too big.

If this sounds like you, I promise the issue is with your bra, not your boobs. Get a bra that truly fits, and you’ll feel great.

4.  It’s too small.

Wearing a bra that’s too small is another confidence killer. The bra can be painful and uncomfortable. Your bra may be too small if the band rides up on your back or the straps dig into your shoulders. Another sign that you need a bigger bra is that your boobs spill out of the cups.

5.  You don’t like how the bra looks under clothes.

Wearing the wrong bra size can result in you disliking how your body looks in clothes. For example, you may have skin bulges on your boobs or back when wearing a bra that’s too small. Or, you may be able to see that the cup of the bra is gapping beneath your clothes if it’s too big.


Of course, you can wear the right bra size and still be uncomfortable in your clothes. This could be because the style or fit of the bra doesn’t suit your preferences. Whatever the reason, disliking how you look in clothes is a major hit to your confidence. Don’t allow yourself to wear a bra that makes you feel anything less than fabulous.

It’s time for a bra fitting if any of these confidence-killing bra symptoms hit home for you. Your new-found confidence will thank you after just a couple of hours in a bra that truly fits.

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Happy bra shopping!

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