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how to do a boudoir wedding shoot

The thought of having a boudoir photoshoot can be exhilarating and intimidating. I had a boudoir shoot prior to my wedding, and I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant beforehand. But, I was excited, too. I absolutely loved my photos, and I’m so happy I decided to have a boudoir shoot.

Are you on the fence about having a boudoir shoot before your wedding? Here are five reasons why you should go for it:

1.  It’s an opportunity to embrace your body.

A boudoir photoshoot is an opportunity to embrace your body. We all have insecurities, but we should embrace our bodies just as they are every day. And, it’s very easy to feel yourself when you’re dressed up, feeling like a queen.

2.  Having sensual photos makes you feel fierce.

Having sensual photos from your boudoir photoshoot will make you feel fierce. You look back at the photos, and think, “That’s me. I had the guts to do that!” Seeing yourself in photos where you’re embracing your body and loving yourself is a beautiful thing. And, it’s an empowering feeling. You probably have several photos of yourself, but nothing like a photo from a boudoir shoot.

3.  You capture yourself as a bride-to-be.

A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to capture the bridal version of you. Today, I have lots of highlights in my hair. When I got married, I had very long, dark hair. I shaped my eyebrows differently, and I did my makeup slightly differently. The way I look in my boudoir photos is how I looked on my wedding day. We’re constantly changing and transitioning in life. But, I love that my boudoir photos reflect who I was at the time I was a bride. It’s sweet.

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what are wedding boudoir photos

4.  It’s so much fun.

A boudoir shoot lets you be sassy, flirty, sweet, silly – whatever you want to be. You pick out bridal lingerie that you love and makes you feel beautiful. You throw in accessories to match your style. Or, maybe you opt for a photoshoot that’s not typical of your style. Maybe you use a pin-up or old Hollywood glam theme. You get to primp and get dressed up, and it’s such a fun, feminine experience.

5.  You could gift the photos to your new spouse.

Your boudoir photos capture a special moment in time of you as a bride. These photos are endearing to have for yourself, but you can also use them as a gift to your new spouse. You could create a book or have your favorite photo enlarged for your spouse.

I used an online store to create a book with my boudoir photos for my husband. When the book arrived in the mail, I was in awe. Seeing beautiful photos of me in a tangible book was so special. I had someone deliver the book to him the morning of our wedding. To me, I was gifting myself to my husband for life as his partner – that was my true wedding gift. And, the boudoir book was a reflection that.

I’m a big fan of boudoir shoots. A woman can have one at anytime in her life to capture her femininity and sensuality. But, there’s something unique about having a boudoir shoot before your wedding. Being a bride-to-be is a life experience you may not get again. Capturing the way you look and feel at that moment serves as a beautiful reminder of when you’re life was transitioning.

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