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power down before bed - 5 Gentle Ways to Power Down Before Bed

Tomorrow’s to-do list, a stressful event from the day, or worries about the future can plague sleep, preventing you from getting the rest you need to succeed. I guarantee this happens to every woman at some point, but learning how to manage these stressors and find a way to shut off your brain before bed is key to a restorative night of sleep.

1.  Read a favorite book.

Reading a book before going to bed at night almost always helps me to clear my busy mind and encourage sleep. To rest your mind, I’d suggest not selecting a work-related book to read, but rather a book from your favorite genre to enjoy while lounging in bed at night.

2.  Try yoga, stretching, or meditation.

Practicing yoga, simply stretching your body to ease tensions from sitting at a desk all day, or meditating can help to clear a busy mind before bed. If these practices are doing little to ease your mind, consider visualizing a clear mind as if it is a cloudless sky. This can help to push worries and nagging thoughts out of your mind. Don’t forget to employ gentle breathing during all of these activities.

3.  Drink caffeine-free tea.

I’m a big coffee-lover, but the stimulating effects of caffeine from either coffee or tea can keep me up at night. If you find yourself struggling to find sleep at night, consider switching to caffeine free tea like chamomile or a sleepy-time blend of tea to provide calm in the evening. You can even couple tea with reading a book before bed.

4.  Tend to indoor plants.

Watering, trimming, or pruning indoor plants or your balcony garden can significantly help to lessen the hold of tomorrow’s to-do list on your brain and bring you into the present. While nurturing your mini garden, keep your mind focused on the task at hand and allow your worries to fade away.

5.  Put away electronics.

Scrolling through Instagram or Twitter feeds on your phone in bed might be the culprit for your late nights. The light from screens can affect your body’s production of melatonin, a sleep hormone, keeping you awake for longer at night. To get your best night of sleep, limit your screen time before bed and plan to power down with one of the four above-mentioned relaxation suggestions.

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