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30 day diet challenge

We are now three quarters of the way through our 30 day nutrition challenge and the last week has been interesting!

I was expecting to come home from our holiday with a new sense of motivation after such an indulgent week away.  Overall week three was okay, but it felt like hard work, and was certainly far from perfect.  I felt like I was still in holiday mode and I was finding it very difficult to stay committed!

I had the last week off work as part of my vacation, and I quickly realised that routine was my friend, and preparation was key!  I spent the first 4 days at home on my own, and the other 3 days away camping.  During my time at home I had a few appointments, but also enjoyed catching up with some friends, working on some creative projects and relaxing.

As we had been away the previous week, I wasn’t prepared with any pre-made meals or a meal plan like I normally would have.   This resulted in me eating on the run, and some days eating too much or not enough. I also have a sore shoulder (despite massage and chiro to try and fix it) so due to that and my other commitments during the week, I only went to CrossFit once during week three.

30 day challenge diet

If you have been reading along each week about the 30 day nutrition challenge (here, here and here), you will know that there is some pretty strict guidelines around it, which is why they called it a challenge!

If you follow the guidelines as prescribed, you can earn up to 6 food points a day, plus earn an additional point for exercising. It was designed as a nutritional reset, and even if not being strictly adhered to the organisers hoped that participants would create some new healthy habits and be more mindful.

Personally, I have definitely been more mindful, and so far the biggest benefits have been eliminating bloating and better sleep.  I can also feel the feedback my body gives me when I eat something not so nutritionally great, and have been trying to ensure most meals consist of appropriate portions of protein, carbs, veggies and good fats as recommended. I have also tried some new recipes which is always great!

For example, I normally eat some combination of meat and vegetables for breakfast but tomorrow I am trying banana rice pudding (with collagen hydrosolate for protein)!

As mentioned, we went away camping for the final few days of week three.

I was not at all prepared with my meals, but I did make sure I took adequate healthy food, and choose to snack on apples instead of crackers and cheese!  I also took plenty of water so opted for that over alcohol or soda.

Normally camping involves more food than required, and not much movement, but due to what we were doing while away, it was quite the opposite this time!  We actually went away so my husband could compete in a 4WD competition, so they days were long and majority of the time we were off in the bush away from camp.

In fact, on the Saturday I checked my watch and I had walked well over 10km back and forth spectating!

However, I did enjoy a sausage sizzle and a couple of lollies the following day too – I ended up with zero points that day!

Overall for the week I accumulated 25 points taking my total to 51.

With just over a week to go to try and reach my goal of 100 points during the 30 day nutrition challenge, I am not too sure if I will make it, but I do know that I have been so much more mindful, and feeling more vibrant than I have in quite some time.

diet challenge

I find that when I am focusing on my health rather than just mindlessly carrying on with things, not only do I feel better in my body, but also emotionally.

Of course, food and exercise impact our mental health and emotions, but by giving our health a little more attention than usual, we notice the benefits and do more of the ‘good’ things our bodies love.

More water, more rest, and just generally more in tune with what our body needs and desires – so we deliver.

This coming week I am back at work with no events planned so will be in my normal routine and ready to finish the 30 day nutrition challenge with a bang!

Featured image via Stocksnap
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Krystal Gordon

Krystal Gordon, creator of self-care program Love Nourish Be and global ambassador for the Body Image Movement, is extremely passionate about empowering women to be their most amazing, authentic selves using an honest, holistic and heart-centred approach to wellness. After a lifetime of being at war with her body, this busy Mama transformed her life (and health) through self-love, acceptance and vulnerability, and along the way discovered her true purpose of inspiring other women to do the same.

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