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For some women, the idea of wearing — let alone buying — lingerie is intimidating. After all, lingerie shows ample skin, meaning if you have any insecurities about your body, there simply isn’t any room for them. In other words, you’re not going to cover up your body hang-ups in lingerie. And that’s precisely why you should be wearing more of it if you need a confidence boost.

It may seem counterintuitive to rock lacy underthings when you’re feeling insecure, but hear us out on this: well-fitting, high-quality lingerie can, in fact, boost your body positivity. Wondering how?

In this guide, we’ll delve into all the ways that lingerie may help you to see yourself as the goddess that you are.

It can highlight your assets

Every woman (hopefully) can name a thing or two she loves about her body. And lingerie poses the opportunity to celebrate those assets in the best way. Perhaps you happen to feel great about your feminine hips — there’s hardly a better way to show them off than with a pair of high-waisted panties that hug the hips and draw attention to them. Or, if you love your legs, opting for a high-cut panty will elongate them and accentuate them even more. A demi-cup bra or balconette bra will flaunt a full, nicely rounded bust. And a longline bra can draw attention to a small waist, as well as highlight your curves.

In other words, lingerie is sure to make you feel even better about your favorite physical features — and if you’re struggling to find something to love about yourself, the right lingerie can also help you hone in on what makes you totally stunning. Once you know your body type and breast shape, you can start to choose pieces that are best suited to your silhouette.

It can get you out of your comfort zone

Oftentimes, we get stuck “playing it safe” fashion-wise. We think: “No, I can’t wear a tank top because of my arms,” or “My legs aren’t good enough for a short skirt.” We cover up our bodies out of fear of judgment. Lingerie offers up the chance to break the rules and get out of your style comfort zone — since you’re sporting it underneath your clothes, you can try out new styles in a less risky way. Who knows? After sporting a little babydoll at home, you may start feeling comfortable enough to wear a miniskirt out of the house.

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It can help you make peace with your body

Many of us have that one thing (or two) that we struggle with in terms of our body image. Whether it’s your tummy, your thighs, or your breast shape, it’s easy to focus on the negative and obsess over your so-called “flaw.” Here’s the thing, though: Wearing lingerie may help you to see your body in a whole new light. And as for those flaws? Well, you may not see them anymore. Slipping on a pretty lace-covered unlined bra, for example, can help you to embrace your natural breast shape without forcing them to fit a particular mold. And donning a gorgeous pair of cheeky panties will no doubt have you rethinking whether your derriere is too small. Somehow, lingerie has a way of encouraging us to appreciate our bodies for their uniqueness rather than wishing they looked a certain way. If you have a hard time accepting any part of your body, adorning it and dressing it up with a beautiful undergarment can certainly help you to feel better about it.

Final thoughts

There’s no doubt about it — wearing lingerie is a powerful act of self-love. If you can find pieces that fit flawlessly and work well for your particular figure, those undergarments may be able to transform the way you view your body. A final word on buying lingerie: Some people believe that this is something you do for a partner. While showing some seductive underthings off to your significant other is certainly a valid reason to go shopping, we firmly believe that you can simply buy and wear lingerie for yourself. In fact, rocking some lingerie while you’re spending a solo night in is a wonderful way to begin your journey to body positivity.

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