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Untitled design - 11 Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence and Success At Work
Are you crushing it at work? Or do you feel like a lack of confidence is holding you back? We all have moments of uncertainty at work. Maybe you’re just starting at a new job, maybe you have a new boss, or maybe you’re ready for that promotion but unsure of how to get it. If you’re experiencing any of these situations right now, you’re not alone. Though it might seem hard now, it’ll get easier. Fortunately, your confidence is in your control. Once you develop confidence in one area, it starts to manifest in other areas too. You might find yourself being more selective when it comes to dating, standing up for yourself, or evaluating your friendships and relationships. If you need proof of the power of confidence, ask yourself this: What do most managers, bosses, CEOs, and billionaires have in common? They’re all confident! They’re also great examples of how confidence can get you ahead at work and in life.

11 Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence and Success At Work

Ready to increase your self confidence at work? Here are 11 tips to put you on the fast track to career success:

1.  Be your biggest cheerleader.

No one knows your strengths better than you. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pep talk if you need one or call a good friend to talk you through it. You have the support to get you through it.

2.  Get to know your coworkers.

Who knows, you might actually really like them! Conversation is always easier when you know a little about someone. When it comes to your career, once you get to know your coworkers you start to figure out how they solve problems and you learn who to go to when you need help. You should get to know your coworkers no matter where you work!

3.  Don’t sell yourself short. Ever.

I’m all for being humble, but there’s a difference between being humble and not giving yourself enough credit. The big difference? Selling yourself short can cost you that promotion.

4.  Make a list of goals and make them known to everyone you meet.

By sharing your goals and priorities, you’re letting your colleagues know that you’re serious about your job and want to grow with this company. Who do you think they’ll remember when they’re looking to fill a new position in the department you want to work in? You!

5.  Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Actively work on your weaknesses. Do you struggle with public speaking? Speak up every chance you get and ask to lead the next meeting. The more you speak in front of people (though it may seem terrifying at first), the easier it becomes.

6.  Speak up, but speak with intention.

Ask yourself: “Am I adding value to the conversation?” The short answer should always be yes.

7.  Fake confidence.

You have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you. Channel one of your most confident friends, family members, or mentors and be the confident women you were meant to be!

8. Be positive, proactive, and genuine.

You’ll find that doors will open out of nowhere for you when you’re positive, proactive, and genuine.

9. Be yourself always.

Avoid the pressure to fit in if you feel like you stand out. Wear what makes you happy. Buy the bold stationary. Even if you’re in a corporate environment, find ways to make your personality shine. Don’t lose yourself in a sea of Silverfish. Be the Clownfish or the Betta fish!

10. Choose your words carefully.

11.  Move on quickly from mistakes.

We all make mistakes. Mistakes are just lessons that we learn from. Don’t let mistakes hold you back from accomplishing your goals!
 11 Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence and Success At Work 1 - 11 Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence and Success At Work
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