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10 Top Secret Beauty Tips from Women Around The World

Staying refreshed and feeling beautiful are two of the things at the top of every woman’s to-do list. While there are a number of products on the market that cater to this, there are top secret beauty tips around the world that can also aid in the process. Using natural beauty tips can be more cost-effective, and will provide a solution for everyone. Here are 10 beauty secrets used in different locales around the globe:

1.  Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is used for natural skin and hair care in India and other parts of the world.

2.  Argan Oil

argan oil

Argan oil is used in Morocco as a face moisturizer, a bath oil, body lotion,and leave-on conditioner for your hair.

3.  Rice water and Camellia oil

rice milk

In China, rice water is used as a facial rinse, and Camellia oil is used to aid in the reduction of blemishes and stretch marks on the skin.

4.  Matcha green powder

matcha green powder

In Japan, many women mix Matcha green powder and hot water to make a flavorful green tea. When used as a tea, it has a number of healing properties, including burning fat and boosting energy. It can also be used as a face mask and to fight acne.

5.  Potato slices

potato slices

In Spain, women use potato slices to combat dark circles under and around the eyes. Use them for about fifteen minutes and watch them work.

6.  Manuka honey

manuka honey

In Sweden, Manuka honey is used for a number of skin treatment regimens. It can be used as a face cleanser, dark spot treatment, and face mask. Leave it on for 15 or 20 minutes, and it will immediately start working.

7.  Olive oil and egg whites

olive oil

In Italy, olive oil is the go-to ingredient for smooth skin, extra shine for the lips, and more. Egg whites are used as a great treatment for glossy hair. Whip the egg whites, leave the mixture on for 10 minutes, and wash.

8.  Lemon juice, milk and honey

milk and honey

In France, lemon juice will help get rid of nail stains. Soaking the fingers for about ten minutes will produce fast results. Milk and honey are also popular for bathing and smooth, silky skin.

9.  Wet sand

wet sand skincare

In Brazil, the beach does more than provide a tan! Women use wet sand to scrub their feet and arms to exfoliate their skin and nourish it with minerals.

10.  Green tea and mineral water

green tea

In Sweden, green tea is a huge part of the skin care routine. Freeze green tea with mineral water to create a toner. Drinking green tea also has very healthy benefits.

11.  Rooibos Tea

rooibos tea

In Africa, Rooibos tea, or red tea, is a skincare routine necessity. Red tea is rich in Vitamin C and quercetin. It can aid in increasing collagen production. It is full of flavor on its own as a tea.

These are just a few natural beauty tips that can be done with all the products you may use every single day. Knowing how you can take care of your skin without breaking the budget is a winning formula.

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